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Home Schooling - Leisure Reading - Book Review by Alex

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This book review is by my son Alex.

It is from his blog.

He loves to write book, video game and movie reviews.

I cannot emphasize how very important reading is for children.

Should children be forced to concentrate on the words because of a lack
of practice with reading...they miss out on concepts and implied meanings.

Having to interrupt the natural flow of reading due to a lack of vocabulary...
as what happens when a child doesn't read enough...
soon becomes an exercise in frustration.

Anything that is frustrating...is not done willingly.

With plenty of books that are at their reading level...
and that are exciting to them...
they will soon pick up more words and meanings.

With more words at their disposal...
their reading level and fluency naturally increase.

Alex also really liked the book:  Les Miserables.

Although it was assigned reading (last year)...
he really liked it.

We try to introduce the classics for him to read...
in carefully measured portions.

We don't want reading to seem like a chore to him.

We always get great satisfaction when we hear him laughing
over a funny passage out of one of his leisure reading books.

I also love to hear him ask questions as to why characters...
in one of his books, had behaved in a certain manner.

We will often times discuss motives and human drives
as a direct result of his reading material.

Alex will sit next to his mother at the computer...
and pick out books to buy...with a glow on his face.

He awaits their arrival in the mail with great anticipation.

We know the importance of reading...
and so, we make everything as conducive to the enjoyment of
reading by ensuring he has a quiet and comfortable setting to
fully experience his books.

If at all possible...
try to set aside one special place just for him to read...
as reading is so important to his development.

Below gives an example of what we have done.

Alex's Library And Refuge

Alex loves reading because we have consciously structured
and reinforced his drive and love of learning through early
introduction and Positive Reinforcement throughout.

Through the association of great comfort during reading

(his Mother's constant reading to him while cuddling him
when he was a newborn...on to her reading to him...and he to her...
at bedtime ever since...as well as our ensuring his reading time is one of
peace... a quiet house...a cool temperature setting...
 a variety of comfortable sofas or chairs to lounge in)...

and of great praise when he finishes a book of more complexity
and with full comprehension of the presented material...
he associates reading with nothing but positive emotions.

With nothing but positive stimuli tied to a specific task...
there is a positive drive to repeat that task.

Give them every reason to love reading...
and they will read often.


  1. I am very impressed with Alex's reading skills, comprehension levels, and ability to write so well about a book he read. That is really something that he enjoyed Les Miserables which is not easy for many adults!

  2. Thank you. Alex always has very interesting views of what he has read or seen. I always look forward to his blog articles and book reviews.


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