Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Schooling - Free Supplemental K-6 Fun E-Learning

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Artist:  Sarah Brightman

This is a similar set up as my previous article...except it is further in depth
and breadth.   

It is free for all to use to supplement while motivating children to learn.

(picture captured from their site)

Although Alex is far more advanced for most of these topics...
the Life Skills and some of the Health topics are still
of some interest to him.

(Alex's old laptop finally gave out...he really likes his new one)

Quote from Alex: "This is a really good site.  I really like it!"

He also sees the value of the site for younger children.

This touches upon various topics which help ignite 
curiosity in children while giving them fundamentals.

For much more in-depth study you could then transition them
into such programs as Plato or Thinkwell.

This is very useful for the establishment of study habits very early on
(the most important lesson to learn...
with this mastered...
all other things become possible).

It will help make learning fun...
which will give them the drive for the adventure
that learning is supposed to be.


  1. This site looks good. So many different categories and for a wider range of ages. I can't wait to show my son.

  2. Good...I am sure he will like it. I thought the Life Skills portion was of particular interest. Alex likes that portion.


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