Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Schooling - Foreign Language Study - Japanese

Alex Practicing Japanese
(Ahchan is our nickname for him)

Learning a foreign language is, I believe, still a prerequisite
for many higher learning institutions.

While we have not been including much foreign language 
study in his curriculum...
we have now included it in his daily studies.

He will need it in his future...
he also wishes to visit Japan again.

It is also his wish to marry a Japanese girl from Japan one day...
although he is still too young to really consider marriage at all.

Still, if it will provide incentive for him to learn another language...
especially considering most of his ethnicity is Japanese 
(he is 75% Japanese)...
then it is for the good of his future that he has long range plans.

He is using a free language site called LiveMocha.

Although he is merely reciting what has been said and what the text says...
so long as he practices the usage of the correct phrases at the 
appropriate times...he will advance.

We will get more advanced programs for him later.

He can also practice with his mother at anytime.

This is a good starting site for anyone wishing to be introduced into 
a foreign language.

It is especially good to start it early on.

We shall be getting him Japanese books for children also.

This is a great way to learn as the Japanese children learn...
through level appropriate books.


  1. Hah, that's funny that he already has thoughts on the type of girl he wishes to marry.

    Is this the first he is being exposed to Japanese? Do you and your wife speak Japanese to each other at times? Did you deliberately decide to focus on English until now?

  2. He learned Hiragana from a book. My wife rarely speaks Japanese at home. We wanted to concentrate on his other academic subjects first. We were afraid of overburdening him. We have been trying to encourage the to desire to learn another language first. He finally got the desire to learn Japanese. Although foreign language study does not take a large portion of his time...we try to have him study a little each day. I speak very little Japanese...Alex is better at it than I am. I am now asking him to say things in Japanese, where possible, to his mother.

    We have been in SAT preparation and Explore review. As his future is riding on his SAT scores (in a year or two)...we are concentrating on it.


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