Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alex's Blog II - A Father's Day Reminiscence

Video concept and images by:   Cristobal Vila

Song:   Often A Bird

Artist:   Wim Mertens

I rarely repeat videos in my blog...
however, this song is so much like my son, Alex.

This is my Father's Day special.

My wife called my attention to my son's Blog
(He has a private blog on Blogger)

He uses it as a sort of diary.

He has been busy lately...
free writing about events and interests.

These typify my son's speech and thought pattern.

I laughed when I started reading these...
these are so him.

Just reading this was a journey into my son's mind.

It was a great Father's day gift.

He wrote this in January 2011

His basic thrust here is that Feminism is not what many take it to be.

It is not about special treatment.

It is the notion that...
along with equal rights...
come equal responsibility.

I have to argue this point with adults.

Alex, at ten years old, fully grasps this concept.

Feminism is misnamed...
(too many believe Feminism is about putting Females first...
as the name would suggest)
it is in essence, Humanism...
a meritocracy...
fairness applies to all...
no matter the sex, race or other inane attributes.

If this is truly what Feminism is in today's world....
I would disagree with the name only.

This was written when he was caught conversing on an Algebra forum.

He was on a forum with much older people and some of his remarks were
not appropriate (we don't want him on a forum with adults).

He was talking about his scores and times.

He is still a child in many ways...
the others didn't know how young he was...
and so, thought he was acting...well...childish.

He was previously chastised for editing and contributing to Wikipedia.

Although he had good intentions...
he simply doesn't have the experience and maturity...
to write on sites for much older persons.

Sometimes when he gets upset...
he will write an article about his feelings.

Besides this being a positive release for him...
it allows him to practice his writing.

He loves to write product reviews.

His style of writing is as he talks...
it is so funny because I can just picture him speaking
as I read these.

He used a translation application which converted Hiragana (which he knows) to Kanji.

Ever sense he was very small...
he loved to write stories and instructional papers.

(He actually does math using Thinkwell...
he got confused because for all his other courses...
we use Plato)

Ah...the infamous Wikipedia case....
he was right...
he couldn't wait!

As I have previously stated in an earlier article...

Blogger is free...
and a great and interesting way
for children to practice their writing skills.

I shall be including more book reviews from Alex...
not so much to give you insight into the book...
but to give you insight 
into his wonderful and interesting mind.

As you can see...
he loves Home Schooling.

We love his progress with it.

Post note:

We have just come back from a late night showing of
Kung Fu Panda 2.

It is a great movie to take your children to see.

We had dinner, then went to the 10:00 PM showing...
a perfect ending to a great Father's Day.


  1. Alex is very articulate in his writing. I knew he was a math genius, but did not realize that he was so capable of high-level thinking in so many other areas.

    Happy Father's Day!

  2. Thank you. His points of view are funny hearing them come from him. He will talk of business or basic philosophy...and yet have some very innocent views of other things. It is cute. Thank you. I hope you had a great day with your family too! If you haven't already seen Kung Fu Panda 2...we just came back from seeing it (late show again). It is very good. Alex loved it.
    I am sure Kai would like it also.

  3. I really like this kind of movie!^^

    I wanna help you a little....

    mukyu is 無きゅう needs one more hiragana "う"

    kyu = きゅう

    From Maggie

    P.S I wanna introduce that movie in my blog too.O.K?
    I hope so .

  4. Thank you for commenting Maggie!

    Also, thank you for correcting Mukyu. My wife should have caught that one.

    By all means, yes...please tell others about the movie. My son was laughing through many parts of the movie. The animation and story line were very good. It is a movie for whole families to enjoy.

  5. We'll have to check out Kung Fu Panda 2 sometime. It was a long time before my son could sit through a whole movie, but now that he can, we look for ones that he might enjoy. There aren't too many so I appreciate the tip. We probably won't go to the late show, though. My son would enjoy it but I'd fall asleep! :)

  6. Great! I know he will like it very much. My wife and I also enjoyed it. The graphics were incredible.


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