Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Alex is presently very interested in the 
Barefoot Gen series (ten total).

They are presented in Manga format
(comics form).

This series, while expensive
(about $100.00 for the series)...
teaches history...
grief and suffering....
life and death...
 the resiliency of the human spirit...
all through the eyes of a child survivor
of the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima.

Alex empathizes with the character
as he learns how difficult life can be.

During much of his free time...
he sits on the sofa and gets entranced by this series.

It graphically portrays the horror and pain
of those affected by the blast...
and goes into life afterwards.

This book set is for mature children and adults.

Although Alex is just 10 yrs. old...
he is of sufficient maturity.

Manga is a very popular format in Japan
for children and adults.

This set, neither glorifies, nor demonizes
the participants of World War II.

It is actually a testament to the ravages 
of uncontrolled negative human drives...
and a testament to the valued positive 
morals and drives in the human animal.

One of the chief positive aspects of this series
lies in the value of teaching children
true appreciation for the times we now live in.

Any books that teach valuable lessons in life...
and are consumed voraciously by the reader...
are remembered.

What value do we place on this?

Certainly more than $100.00


  1. I am unfamiliar with most manga so I did not know that they have stories like this. How gratifying that your son is choosing to read something as powerful as this.

  2. Yes...he seems to be really captivated by this series...and by the character Gen. He already knew the history of the Atomic bombs...this series put a face to it.

    For some reason...Alex really loves characters that have suffered in life. He feels sorry for them and wants them to do well.


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