Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Schooling - English - Writing

Fur Elise - Ludwig Van Beethoven
Played by - Atsuko Seta

Alex using the Plato Online Learning System
Category: English
Subcategory: Writing

He is learning to generate ideas on topics
by exploring the different angles within...
by listing knowns and unknowns...
generating questions from areas of probable 
interests or affects.

This is a great basic exercise for generating
papers or reports in the future.

Although Alex is far ahead of his grade level in all areas...
this is probably one of his weakest areas.

His mother has been working with him, tirelessly, to shore up 
lagging areas, while greatly improving his strengths.

Alex had written a "paper" on "the realities of life" :)
a couple of years ago.

While Alex loves to free write...
he must also learn formal writing.

This is what shall be demanded in higher education...
and, in almost all professions.

Plato also has printable exercises in all subjects
for off line work.

We are so happy with the various on-line educational
support programs and courses.

Alex's mother had always given him advanced work after school
(before we instituted home school).

Alex advanced at a much greater rate, in his academics...
with home schooling.

We may now allow him to advance at a rate
that is much faster, and so, less frustrating.

He loves home school...
as do we.

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