Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Schooling - Art Of Problem Solving - Algebra Competition

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The Art Of Problem Solving

A math teaching and online competition
Web Site catering to top high school students
wishing to advance to much higher mathematical
concepts and levels than offered in traditional 
school curriculum.

(They also offer math from elementary school and up)

Taught and run by
 The 1989 USA Math Olympiad Winner
Richard Rusczyk.

We are using Alcumus as a supplemental math site
for Alex.

Alex started using it a couple of weeks ago.

Alex is competing in the open Algebra section (no age groups).

Although Alex is only 10 years old...
he has been doing fairly well in the online
Algebra competition
(ranking by elapsed time and accuracy rating).

As of last week...
Alex was rated at...

#1,423 out of  #14,255 competitors.

Alex really enjoys the mental stimulation of... 
not only competition...
but, new concepts
(he is learning probability calculation
among other concepts).

Just yesterday...
Alex, and I, were playing a game 
of probability using a die.

He not only won...
he accurately calculated the probability of 
a certain mix of numbers appearing on a set
number of rolls of the die
(in a few seconds in his head).

He said he had learned about probabilities through
this great site...

The Art Of Problem Solving.

Alex in competition mode.

He loves going to the site during his free time
to try to raise his ranking.

I often hear him do a victory yell
followed by his declaration of advancement.

He got extremely excited when he first started...
he would move up by many hundreds
after completing a problem set.

Although his moves up are smaller now...
he is steadily moving up
(he is still very excited).

I know he will do much better after he completes his Algebra II
(he is presently learning Algebra II through Thinkwell).

Although his advancement in his studies
greatly pleases us...
it is his basic love of learning (and life)
that pleases us the most.

His academic advancement is a result
of his love of learning.

With a love of learning...
there is a love of life...

 is what... ultimately... matters most.


  1. Wow! Your son has amazing math skills. But, yes, as you say, what is even more important is his love of learning.

  2. Thank you...Yes, with a love of learning, that makes children able to adapt to any new concept or situation.


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