Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Schooling - The Beginning Of Alex's Musical Journey

Bamboo Flutes By Das

I love Flute music.

I ordered 4 Bamboo Flutes from Das (the man in the above video).

The left 3 flutes... I shall play.

Alex shall learn the 2 right hand flutes.

Alex's Bamboo Flute is an Alto Major Pentatonic Flute for Eastern Music.

The Silver Concert Flute is the one I started using 30 years ago.  
It is for Alex to learn Western music.

I got the Bass Major Pentatonic (largest) for eventual duets with Alex 
with his Alto Major Pentatonic Flute.

Both of these are in the above video as demonstrated by Das.

The 2nd from the left is an Alto G Diatonic Flute 
for eventual duets with Alex
with his Concert Flute
(as in the below video).

Bamboo Flutes By Das - Alto G Flute

Bamboo Flutes By Das - Alto Double Minor Pentatonic

The third from the left is a double minor Pentatonic 
for me to just explore new ways of making music
(As in the above video).

I custom ordered all these flutes in a dark color.

Das can make them in anything from natural coloration to all dark.

I highly recommend Das for his Bamboo Flutes because of his quality
and his pricing.  

(I get no compensation for my recommendation)

The prices are extremely reasonable and the tonal quality
is rich and resonant.

Here is the E-mail ordering address:

There are also 2 web addresses to see more of his products:
(although both are undergoing construction...
you may get ordering information from each)

I advise you to check out Das on Youtube.

You will be treated to rich tones and subtle humor.

I shall be retiring in 5 weeks.

I plan to incorporate Music into Alex's daily curriculum.

As Alex has never played a musical instrument before...
I will start out with the basics in reading music
and with tonal quality.

Alex and I with our respective Pentatonic Flutes
(Bass for me - Alto for Alex)

I had Alex just concentrate on trying to get a tone 
from the flute (he is holding it incorrectly).

I shall teach him how to properly hold it starting with our first lesson.

Alex and I with our respective Diatonic Flutes
(Alto for me - Concert Flute for Alex)

(Me with the Alto Double Minor Pentatonic Flute)

a key component to 
happiness in life.

When people can make themselves
deeply happy inside through music and creativity...
they don't fear venturing forth.

They know that no matter what...
they will have their music to accompany them.

As they grow in music...
they grow as human beings.

To be in touch with yourself...
is to become in touch with others.

That which touches you deeply...
touches others deeply.

Through music...
by giving to others...
you give to yourself.

Through music...
children learn...

Self Knowledge...

Deferred Gratification...

True Love
 of something they create
through their accumulated effort.

For many...
it is where they...
for the first time...
find their soul.


  1. What a wonderful site you have! And an amazing family. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights.

    All the best!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment.

    If I can positively affect just one is all worth it.


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