Friday, March 4, 2011

Alex Update - New Books / Areas Of Study

0 To 60 In 5 - Pablo Cruise


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Alex working on his laptop.
He is studying his Thinkwell Algebra II here.

This was review for Alex.  
He covered Quadratic Equations in August of 2010 (Plato). 
He had retained the knowledge without fail.

He is doing well with his Plato Biology studies as well.

Below are some of his recent texts.

This book is of the incredibly intelligent thinkers of ancient Greece.
It briefs some of the inventors and their inventions.
It goes more in depth on the great thinker...
the man who discovered the circumference of the earth
more than 2,000 years ago using simple reasoning
and arithmetic .

Another great book describing the basics of the human body...
its components and functions.

Some supplementary reading on some of the great figures of modern history.
They allow more in-depth reading on the persons behind their contributions.

Alex is learning formal Logic...
a very important means of correctly extracting...
 utilizing, and presenting information.

He is being prepared to formally debate...
one of the great mental exercises
I shall be engaging him in.

A book introducing Zen in action.
It is similar to the teachings of morals through Grimm's fairy tales...
with a Zen based moral theme.

This is an example of his book reviews.
His mother has him give a synopsis and review of each book he reads.

We shall be having him do more formal book reports shortly.
We are concentrating on reviews right now to build his reading comprehension
as he reads many books a week.

On his longer books (great novels) we shall get him used to 
formal college level reports and papers.

He also does numerous free writing exercises.

He loves to free read his fun books also.

Alex getting his Purple Belt.
He enjoys Karate very much.

He is also progressing well with his Weight Training.

The freedom of Home Schooling...
being able to guide your child through life on a correct

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