Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading and Play: The two most important supplementary activities for your Infant

Richard Rusczyk
Former Math Olympiad winner
and trainer of the highest number of Olympiad winners.
Originator of:  The Art Of Problem Solving

We had gone to a conference a few months ago.
Richard Rusczyk stressed the two most important 
elements in raising a child to increase his overall academic potential.

Reading and Play

Read to your child early and often.
Give him interesting picture books to start out with.
However, also read books to him with you
placing his finger on your finger as you read to him.  
He will eventually be able to follow with his own finger.
He will pick up the ever repeating patterns
of the written and spoken words.

Do it many times a day.
Make it a bedtime ritual...cuddle up with him and read with him.
Be emphatic with the words...he will enjoy it so much.

Let him drift off to sleep with the comforting voice of his Mother.
He will soon associate reading with warmth and comfort...
of having a good time with Mommy.

Reading will be a time of pleasure for him.
Give him plentiful praise when he picks up a book to look at.

The objective of Positive Reinforcement
is to associate good feelings with good behavior.
Children love praise.

Reading will soon become a passion for him.
As he is able to say new words...give plentiful praise...
give him an extra big hug and a kiss.

He will be on his way to one of the most important of all skills...


It is crucial for your infant to have a stress free environment...
while being surrounded with positive stimuli.

The first few years of your child's life
is one where the brain is forming
and growing new neuronal connections.

Your child's brain is hungry for stimulation.
Have a large...and ever growing supply of toys
that stimulate the various portions of the brain...
through all the senses.

Alex also LOVED the Baby Einstein and Baby Newton DVD series.
They incorporated the basics of Physics
 illustrated in colorful computer graphics 
and presented with beautiful Classical and New Age music.

Alex was captivated by the beautiful orchestration of the DVDs 
and he was learning correct physical laws intuitively.  
They are also an early way of learning 
cause and effect.


The KEY to positive stimuli in play is having a loving mother...
or other caring adult...
there to guide...
to positively reinforce and interact with the child.

A child should have some unguided free exploration time...
but he should not be penned into a play area for long periods alone.

He will see it as desertion...he will in warehoused.
He will associate his play time as a time of stress and boredom.

A negative atmosphere is a non learning one.

A child loves to show off his new skills...
to see the loving reaction from those he loves most.

We had made our living room into...
Alex's exploration and learning room.

He got the whole of it...
baby safe and filled with everything to help him grow...
intellectually and emotionally.

My wife was always there or just a short ways out...
preparing his meals.

His play time was our play time.  
It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch him grow...
and discover new activities.

It was a time of bonding, warmth and love.
The dividends, of which, have paid off handsomely.

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