Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Schooling - Music Appreciation


     I received quite a surprise a few days ago.  My wife took Alex to a friend's house for a Japanese Mother's Classical Music Recital.  Some played the Piano, another played the Harp, one played the Flute.  All played beautifully...many were music teachers...all were classically trained.  The recital lasted several hours and it was Alex's first real exposure to a live performance.  He has always enjoyed Classical and New Age Music.

Alex was very well behaved.  My wife said that he was very interested in the music.  He said that he really liked it....he also said that he wishes to play the Piano....we will get him an electronic keyboard soon.

We are pleased at his appreciation of fine music.  He doesn't really like the modern types of music, other than New Age.

The thrust of this blog goes deeper, however.  Although he has always shown a love for Classical Music...he had never expressed interest in actually playing it on an instrument.  It was only when directly exposed to someone playing beautiful music that his interest was stirred.  I am sure he also picked up how the players of their chosen instruments were deeply happy as they played.

Direct exposure to accomplished persons of their field serves as great role models to least for that particular endeavor.  
The experience can be a life changing one. 

  Positive role models are incredibly important...not just the parents...but in as many areas as one can muster.  To see something demonstrated live is a very real in which all the senses are stimulated and are coalesced into a powerful event that, if sufficiently presented to the child, serves as a drive for him to become like his role model in the loved memory.  
He will wish to emulate...and hopefully, to eventually surpass, all the coming role models in his life.   

This is one of the many important tasks of a parent.

While we still can, while they are intensely interested in everything around them, we must pick out the best role models for our children to learn from....

This, of course, means....that we must filter out the negative influences where possible.  
This is one of the chief positive benefits of home schooling.  
The environment is controlled by the parent.  
His experiences in life, which are very powerful influencers of future thoughts and behavior, can be prioritized and optimized, in both, placement and nature of.

Home Schooling...

allows for optimal course matter...
at an optimal rate (as determined by mastery of the subject matter)...
and under optimal conditions. 


  1. If you check the pawn shops, you can get a very high quality keyboard with seemly unlimited features and quality materials for about the same price as a plastic one. Music touches the heart and gives emotional expression when words or actions seem inappropriate.

  2. I shall be buying a bamboo flute for him to try also. I think he may very much like playing it.


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