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without which...everything else in life loses so much of its luster, absolute beauty and potential.

  In this article, I will cover an extremely important topic...the direct ramifications of which, shall reverberate throughout your child's life.  It directly affects your child's health and vigor, lifespan, physical and intellectual potential...and so...his ultimate happiness.

As an added note...
I ask that you not merely believe in what I say...I am merely a guide...and so, I point you in the direction of actual research.  

I do a lot of reading from this particular web site: 

This has the latest scientific research from top Universities and research facilities from around the world.  Many of the articles show the methodology...which is also important in your decision making process.

Science Daily incorporates the latest research in all of the major disciplines of Science.


It starts out with Mother.  What you put into your body during pregnancy has an effect on your child.  
Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine, as well as other unnecessary drugs, can and do, affect the child to a negative degree... the severity of which depends upon the dosage and timing (which stage of gestation the child is in).  

You are the guardian of your child...his future can be radically altered by what you send coursing through his system.  Small amounts, even if not directly injurious, can set his growing system...his brain, to crave them in the future...this includes high sugars...fats...etc.

This is not meant to insult the aware mother to be...but to educate the unaware.  

Everything you do has an effect on the fetus...this includes undue stress.  Your cortisol (as well as the other various stress hormones) levels can alter the child's ability to handle stress in his of many examples.

However, enough of the wrong things to do. 

The essential building blocks to which all else is built upon.
Just as in setting good study habits early...
good eating habits are the same.
He will acquire a craving for what he is initially fed.  
Set him out early in life with healthful foods...he shall crave them.

With a steady diet of nutritious food...he shall be able to reach his full Physical and Intellectual potential.
This means, of course, that without...he shall be hampered.
Two of the most healthful and long lived peoples in the world are directly linked to their diets (Natives to these regions, when removed from them and placed into another country and acquire the new country's diet - acquire the life span and maladies associated with it).

The Asians and the people of the Mediterranean live especially long and healthful lives - Although there are other notables...their general...follow the same concepts.

Learn from the learned...that which is demonstrated to be true
Incorporate it...Live it...Know the concepts behind it
Then, and only then, alter to improve upon

I give you two examples...Alex's diet is actually a hybrid of the two...

Alex never drinks soda...usually or rice milk...fruit drinks (real)

As I am half Japanese (Mother's side) and my wife is Japanese...we were raised on a Japanese diet as a mainstay. We also enjoy many of the foods of the Mediterranean region.  My wife always prepares the best food for Alex.  His diet is rich in Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Fish, Poultry and Eggs, Grains, and Dairy...usually in the form of Yogurt or Cheese (NOT processed Cheese).   

  Give him junk food in the beginning...
 he will crave them for a lifetime.

A lifetime of junk food...
is one which is short and filled with sluggishness and illness.

We have consciously given only healthful foods to Alex from the beginning.  
His taste favors healthful foods...he especially loves seafood.  
His mother prepares his meals well...nutritious as well as delicious.  
For his is usually fruits and nuts. 

This is a picture of Alex in Japan...eating a typical Japanese meal while visiting his Grand Parents.

My wife, from the beginning, has been supplementing his diet with Omega 3s - the essential fatty acids found in nuts and fish.  There are different brands...they actually taste good...Alex loves getting his daily.

Some information on them from the University of Maryland:

Absent a physical condition demanding a strict diet...
DO NOT place your child on one of the incredibly STUPID fad diets.

Always remember...a diet that cannot be followed for a lifetime...
is worthless.  

Your child needs...and will flourish on...a diet filled with Wholesome Grains, Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables, Fish, Poultry, Eggs and Dairy...and limited amounts of Red Meats.  

Give these foods in healthful amounts from as early as you can...
you will have built a habit of health that will last a lifetime.

For you to maximize your child's potential academically...
everything starts here.  

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