Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home Schooling - Alex's Refuge And Literary Temple - His Library

This is Alex's Library.

His place of comfort and freedom.  His mother keeps his library stocked with books ranging from fun to advanced reading.  This is his refuge whenever he is not directly studying or busy with some other activity.  He is always free to pick any book that strikes his fancy at the time. 

Alex loves reading.  We have consciously given him Positive Reinforcement in all good actions, especially when it came to reading, as this is the key to his accumulation of all future knowledge.

Although he sometimes chooses to read downstairs on the sofa...
this is his special getaway to really explore a book in peace.

We sometimes hear him laughing while reading a particularly funny passage from one of his leisure books.  He will sometimes spend hours in his library just reading to his heart's delight.  

As this is his refuge...when he goes into it...we allow him his peace.  He is doing so well in his studies...he has earned the right to a special place just for him...besides his bedroom.  

We chose the room with the best natural lighting and the best views as we wished to carefully associate reading with comfortable and serene surroundings, to not only ensure a positive experience for him, but to create a place to let his imagination run as free as the wind. 

When a child is allowed distant views...he realizes larger evidence of a larger world all around him...a world to

As free as the clouds are to form and float...
his mind is allowed the same freedom in his refuge.  

This is his temple, as it is his sacred place.  

A place of free exploration, at will, through any book he chooses...
and at any time that is free for him.  

from the beginning...a sacred activity.

the key to your child's accumulated knowledge and imagination.

the key to your child's future, and so, his ultimate happiness.

Something so important as to be sacred...deserves a sacred place.

If at all possible, give your child a place he can call his refuge...
away from all distractions...
 a place he can call his own...
at least for a set period of time of the day.  

 A place where all the cares of the world can be put on hold...
 so he may develop his imagination unhindered.

Imagination is more important
than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world

Albert Einstein

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