Friday, October 1, 2010

Home Schooling - Plato English Exercise / Playing and Exercise

An example of  a Plato English exercise....Alex must read...comprehend....and give an essay style answer.   Plato Learning also has many exercises that are printed out and filled in.  He is advancing so quickly with home schooling...there is none of the frustration of having to cover material that he already knows...he loves moving at his pace.  There are many bright and motivated children out there....home schooling is perfect for them.  If you have the means to do could make all the difference to your children.

His breaks are interspersed throughout the day to allow him to have fun too.  He is working hard with his studies.  He loves his break time too though.

Home schooling allows his mother to tailor fit his studies and play time to him.  His schedule is so well balanced.  He enjoys his studies...and so he does well.  He gets to pick what he wishes to do during break time...and so he enjoys playing.  He is such a loving...affectionate...bright and happy child.  Home schooling has taken out the negative experiences and is continually morphing to guide Alex in his studies in Academics, as well as in life, in the most efficient and effective manner.

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