Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Schooling - Alex's Supplemental Concept Courses

Part of Alex's supplemental training consists of University Lecture DVDs / Cable Science Shows / The Great Courses DVDs.  This has become a pre-bedtime ritual.  A couple of hours before Alex goes to sleep, he watches a good hour or so of a science show, a Great Course or a University Lecture DVD on Mathematical Concepts.  He then reads and gets read to while he falls asleep.  He loves bedtime as he loves learning new concepts, or theories, to mull over as he sleeps.  

He learns an amazing amount from The Great Courses. 

Alex says he really enjoys learning from Arthur T Benjamin.  Alex loves the Professor's interjected humor throughout the lesson.  Above all else, the Professor is effective.  His explanations are concise and clear as well as interesting.  

A child that loves learning...loves life.  It becomes an adventure to be fully explored.  He gets up every day looking forward to what it shall bring.  He will either learn more, solidify and codify, or achieve a level of mastery on a test so he can then proceed to more unexplored territory. 

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