Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home Schooling - Alex's First True Hurdle - Research Into Alternate Explanations

Alex's first real struggle in Math came 2 days ago. 

 He got stuck with:

"Row Reducing A Matrix - Systems Of Linear Equations".  

Both, he and his mother...
had been working for hours in trying to understand the method. 

 Plato Math had left some portion of solving the problems 
unexplained in their minds.


His mother also uses a different math program from Thinkwell.  
However, after more hours of trying...she looked to YouTube. 

She had found some explanations  
that helped them with the problems.

His mother is also learning the problems as she goes along. 
She must try to keep up with Alex
in order to help him with his problems. 

We realize that he shall soon eclipse her capability
to learn as fast as he.

We have alternate plans for the near future...
but as for now...
his mother is doing an exceptional job
breaking down the problems and conceptualizing the solutions.

He has been extending his study time in Math to 3-4 hours a day
in order to keep the problems foremost in his mind. 

A break in study during difficulty
generally leads to regression and frustration. 

That is generally the time to gear up
and march relentlessly forward....
to do otherwise is actually conditioning oneself to have difficulties...
as this would subsequently lead to a respite. 

The subconscious wants us to do that which is pleasing...
or less painful. 

It is up to the conscious mind to lead us forward...
regardless of inner urges to do otherwise. 

Because of this, he is making progress with far less frustration.  

His Mother is the key to this. 

She is putting forth effort, encouragement, 
and actively researching the most efficient ways 
to understand the fundamentals for him to digest.  

That is a Teacher in every sense of the word.

Alex has an inner love of learning....
His Mother is providing the means for him
 to advance to his heart's desire. 

They are working together....with a single purpose in mind...
the betterment of Alex.

 Many don't realize that the world is our arena...not just the U.S. . 

The world only cares about results. 

To not be fully prepared for the rigors of the competitive world is...
 too often, realized too late.  

The way of daily practice...

The training of the mind
to overcome through the quantity of quality repetition.  

No matter the level of intelligence...
one can always improve, and, eventually, overcome
seemingly impossible odds through sincere diligence. 

You can overcome the advantages of your competition...
whether it be intelligence, social status, an early start....
by merely outworking them (correctly and intelligently).

The world can be a cold and uncaring place
to those who choose to drop out of it by simply not trying.

In the industrialized nations of the world....
the great equalizer is Applied Intelligence
(Whatever is initially lacking in inherent intelligence
can be made up through the accumulation of acquired intelligence).

This, of course, means that to lack in that endeavor
is to be left without the multitudes of choices...
the doors which open to those whom had spent their earlier years
honing their reasoning and study skills.

 Don't shortchange your children. 
The good life comes from the solid preparation to answer the call of battle.

It is our job, as Parents, to prepare them for the inevitable....

Intellectual Combat.

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