Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Schooling - Plato Learning Program - American History / Social Science

What pained me the most in school was the text books. Too many times...they filled them with inane material. You had to read through many pages of useless filler on a topic that could have been covered in a much more efficient manner, and, so often, skipped key points...especially when it came to explaining the reasons and direct ramifications.

The beauty of the Plato on line course is it explains concepts and directly ties in the actions to the ramifications of said well as why it had been done. This is critical information...necessary to make rational decisions...without which merely becomes an exercise in regurgitation.

Here are some examples of the study material:

Supplementary texts should be chosen wisely....using the same criteria.

The basics of the American way...
efficiently taught....effectively learned...
so we may never lose our way to
 may no country come under their sway again.

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