Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Schooling - Plato Learning Program

The Plato Learning Program is accredited for use as a program of complete education in lieu of formal education (State School System)...used by many home school parents and their gifted students who have out grown the standard school systems.

 It is an online course of study that may be accessed 24/7 - 365 and at the students pace.  A student may advance, way beyond his grade or level, at will.

They offer grades K-6th and 6th - 12th.  All true subjects and all truly in-depth.  They teach through thorough explanations, highly relevant examples and illustrations.

The program asks the student conceptual questions to think about during the lessons.

It gives conceptual tests at the conclusion of each major concept and a practice chapter test....both of which must be answered at the 100% level before allowing the student to advance to the real comprehensive chapter test.  The incorrect answers are pointed out....the student goes back to master the misunderstood material...and retakes the test until mastery takes place.

The comprehensive chapter test is then taken.  The student must score at least 90% to be able to advance to the next chapter...his scores are then recorded on line for later review. 

It is also used by:

The John's Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

Many of the students who are part of the Davidson's Institute Young Scholar's Program ( for the Profoundly Gifted ).

Here are some examples of Plato Learning examples:

Alex simply LOVES home he can advance his knowledge without distractions and at his pace...he loves the Plato Learning Programs because the explanations are so thorough that he is able to grasp the concepts without frustration.  The knowledge is given to a depth of understanding that allows him to be able to answer questions demanding lateral thinking.  This is only possible when the concept is is a litmus test for true understanding vs. regurgitation.


・English 8 


 ・Algebra II 

Social Science

 ・American History 


・Earth and Space Science 
・Life Science 
・Physical Science 

The lessons utilize both major styles of learning: Verbal/Auditory  - Visual 

We try to cover Tactile / Kinesthetic  learning where appropriate.

Alex was learning online after his regular school to teach him advanced learning as he wasn't being stimulated enough during school.  It is now his normal school.  There is no time being wasted and he has become the master of his destiny...he is now allowed to advance himself unhindered...he says that he feels so free now.  Both, Alex and we, simply love Plato Learning.

We also supplement with various workbooks and other specialized learning media (University lectures on DVD covering advanced math theories...etc).

We (Alex also) heartily endorse this product...and more importantly...his enthusiasm for it and his results do.

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