Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home Schooling - First Day Of School

Today was Alex's first day of home schooling. He was actually doing homeschooling since his last day of regular school. During the summer he was on a shorter schedule.

He uses Plato for his online primary course. He loves learning through Plato. He finds the examples to be very understandable. His mother utilizes various online / hardcover / workbook / DVD material.

Today's schedule of events:

9 - 10 am:            Breakfast - He usually free reads as he eats a light meal.

10 - 11 am:          Math - Plato Algebra II

11 - 12 pm:          Plato Reading Comprehension / English

12 - 1 pm:            Lunch - a nutritious meal but nothing heavy.

2 - 3:15 pm:         Plato Earth Science

3:15 - 4:30 pm:    Plato U.S. History

4:30 - 5 pm:        Workbook - Critical Reasoning

5 - 6 pm:             Reading (report after finished with each book)

6 - 7:30 pm:        Free time

7:30 - 8 pm:       Physical Training - varies on day

8 pm - 9 pm:      Shower / free time till dinner

9 pm - 10 pm:    Dinner - free time

10 pm - 12 am:  University Lecture DVD - one class - critical thinking practice / Bedtime reading

Alex LOVES home schooling. With the on-line / DVD / Books and workbooks to teach and supplement....he can advance without distractions and at a pace he can do. He is being taught what children should know....but are not taught in school. Critical Reasoning / True Science...etc. The hard core courses that leads to true thought and not the socially engineered subjective reasoning (...oxymoron) that is nauseum.

Sometimes Critical Reasoning is studied on the computer through The Art of Problem Solving.

If you are a stay at home Mother...or should your child not be excelling at may want to give home schooling a try. A safe way to try it is during summer breaks. You lose nothing...your child gains everything.


  1. It's summer holidays for us so we're hoping to tackle stop-go animation [again] The summer school programme is over so it's time for a little down time before the start of the next semester.

  2. Question regarding home schooling - how much teaching does Alex's mom have to do? Does Alex learn completely through the online coursework? Or, does mom have to supplement that? Does she help with his homework or is he completely independent? With Alex so far ahead academically, I would think it would be hard to keep up with him unless he could learn everything on his own. (Apologies if you've answered this in another post that I haven't seen yet.)

  3. Alex gets up, eats and then automatically gets on the computer to start. His mother checks his progress (Plato has read outs of progress) and gives him supplemental work (printable from Plato and other books she has researched online). Plato on line is fully accredited for home schooling and many gifted children use it because it is comprehensive in scope and the tests let the parents know the progress. Although supplemental texts are not strictly necessary...supplemental work allows more repetition.

    We have not been able to keep up with him on math for awhile now (we use Thinkwell Math). The online course is doing a fantastic job at teaching him, as well as keeping him motivated.

    We use various supplemental books to make sure he is exposed to not only quantity...but differing methods and angles of teaching (books / DVD / On line / lecture format on DVD and TV).

    His mother explains concepts as well as teaches him how to extract concepts from given information.

  4. Interesting. We are intrigued with the idea of home schooling, but our son needs a lot more supports right now so I have trouble seeing it for him. Something to keep in mind for the future, though.

  5. Don't forget that it can also be used to supplement school work...especially when used to work ahead. It also teaches subjects that are presently being ignored by modern day schools.


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