Thursday, July 1, 2010

Philosophy for Children / The Importance of Objective Reasoning

Philosophy teaches correct thinking through objective reasoning as well as the capability
 to discern right from wrong and the correct application of it in life.

Morals are the crystallization of the correct applications as it applies to all beings.

These subjects are critically important to all children, and are non existent in our schools.
Elementary school is a prime time for these subjects.
It offers a framework for true thought, and allows perspective.

With Critical thinking skills (Objective Reasoning vs. Subjective Reasoning) and morals...
all the isms (Racism, Sexism, Favoritism...etc)  that are so prevalent in the world...
would simply melt away.

Children would see the stupidity of the isms...
along with the various fallacies that occur when one thinks subjectively...
before they could fully take hold.

With a thinking populace, every entity from education to government
would be held to higher standards.

Nothing less than a meritocracy would be demanded...
Marxism, in all its incredibly stupid forms, would not be able to rear its ugly head.
The rational thinking children would be able to see the fallacies inherent in them.
The world would progress, as their generations would effect change.

Through correct critical thinking...
 the child may efficiently learn how to learn, and to truly think...
and not merely regurgitate information. 

Socrates is the father of all Western thought and is thought of as the father
 of the Scientific Method.

This link is just one of many delineating his methods...
as well as how to teach them to your children.

Objective Reasoning is so incredibly important to all...
and yet many people still see the world through subjective eyes.
Alex was taught, many years ago, basic Philosophy, Logic
(As well as many of the fallacies of)...
Objective Reasoning and the Scientific Method.

Basic reasoning used to be so natural with people that it was merely called
good ole basic country common sense.

Our schools have put in fluff and taken out the hard core courses so necessary
for correctly making decisions.

What is now, so incorrectly, valued in today's world...
 is the subjective instead of the objective.

It is so imperative for a child wishing to go on to higher education
to have these skills developed.

It is up to parents to fill in where our education system is so failing.
A child's mind develops its full cognitive capabilities by age 8 or so.
What they lack, at that time, is experience and acquired knowledge.
That is what you must give them....the gift that truly keeps giving.

The following is an example of the lack of correct thinking in many adults today.
I go on to various forums, on line, to discuss, and debate, a wide range of topics. 

This topic was about the ego of certain individuals who "always have to be right".  


The problem isn't with people wanting to be right....All should wish to be.

That isn't the problem most people have...most merely wish to go along to get along. 

 They pick PC over substance. They think that everyone has a RIGHT to their opinion. one has the RIGHT to be wrong. 

 Correct Premise...
Correct reasoning...
Correct conclusion derived directly from that reasoning.  

These are what matter.

Being able to correctly see what the problem is....

being able to find the most efficient, and so, effective means of correction....
being able to apply the correction at the highest sustainable rate 
to ensure the highest rate of change...
these are what matter.

Most people cannot admit when they are wrong, because of THEIR egos.

 The old standby is, "Everyone has a right to their opinion"...
as if that were an automatic pass to never have to change.

People think that getting along and not pissing people off is somehow admirable.

That is group think borne of cowardice. 

 It is more than counter productive - it is an attempt to shut out reason...
to censure through societal pressures, in order to gain political power in the group. 

 The real danger then becomes the application of any number of fallacies of logic 
to stir and manipulate the masses to try to win by majority (another fallacy).

That is why we are not a democracy...

no matter how often the media try to impress that as a fact. 

 We are a Constitutional Republic - a representative government...
one that can react far more quickly and is not supposed to make decisions 
by how the people feel, but through Objective Reasoning...
seeing and applying appropriate goals that do the most good
for the whole for the long term...
buffered by correct morals (not necessarily religious ones). 

 People do stupid actions because of stupid ideas...
as if an opinion carries any validity in of itself.

 If any opinion is as valid as the next....
there is no such thing as right or wrong....and anything goes. 

 That is the definition of willful stupidity.

I feel passionately about this because people frequently try to weasel out of arguments 

by saying that I "always have to be right".

What else is there? Forego facts for opinion?

It is every thinking person's sacred duty to ensure right prevails. 

 That is how wrong is corrected. 
 That is how progress is to be made.
 That is how justice prevails. 
 That is how evil loses to goodness. 

 Knowing the difference between right and wrong is THE basis for all morals...
that which apply to all... for the long term over the short. 

 Anything else is pure stupidity...and no..that is not merely my opinion :)


Other discourse followed and I again rebutted:

Quote (from other):
You are not fully objective. No one is.

You are not always in possession of all the facts. No one is.

You are not a paragon of rationality in an irrational world. No one is.

You are not immune to groupthink. No one is.


That is not the question. 

 The direct implication is that unless I am perfect, at all times, then I may be wrong here. 

The problem with this is...
just because one is not perfect does NOT mean one could not have come up with 
a completely perfect answer at that particular time. 

 A person is a messenger, a postman...once the letter is delivered...
the postman doesn't matter...
only the message does. 

 You must take the message at face value and judge it objectively.

 A man at a bar could drunkenly mumble a perfectly logical argument. 

The fact that he is mentally impaired at the time does not take away from the message. 

Too many people judge the person and not the argument. 
The PERSON does not matter. The ARGUMENT is what matters. 

The motive of the messenger also does not matter. 
 "He is just mad and wants to lash out"...."He just wants to be the boss" nauseum.....

 The MOTIVE does not matter. 
 The ARGUMENT is what matters. 

Everyone thinks irrationally most of the time. Often "rational" thought is just a rationalization of irrational ideas. While some people are more immune to groupthink than others, no one is totally immune. Just witness the conversations on this forum as an example. Lots of groupthink abounds here. Lots of irrationality, prejudice, etc. too. One example of a myth that is common here is the myth of the logical, Spock-like, hyperrational aspie who is immune to groupthink and understands the way the world really works unlike those illogical NTs.

And sometimes when someone disagrees with you it's not because they're an idiot or a sheep. Sometimes they know something you don't. Sometimes they are using something other than formal logic to get to their conclusion and sometimes they're right and you're wrong. If I had to use formal logic to think I would be lost but even I can see holes in the ideas of the more logical-aspie-stereotype folks. I can be wrong too, but so can everyone, welcome to the human race.


Everyone, I hope, does NOT think irrationally most of the time...
even if that were does not take anything away from that particular argument. 

 A rational thought is the thought based upon Objective Reasoning...
the taking of all the variables and applying logic
 to come up with the best solution for the situation. 

 If someone rationalizes an irrational idea, it was done with Subjective Reasoning
 (The input and prioritization of anything other than that which is Objective).
Or it was the improper application of reasoning or logic. 

Correct premise...
Correct logic...
Correct conclusion derived directly from the logical argument.

 If any of the three is incorrect...the answer MUST be incorrect. 

 Of these three, the correct premise is the one most often incorrect. 

 Whether by mistake...asking the wrong question...incorrect assumption 
(taking something as fact without any supporting evidence)...
reliance upon incorrect stats...etc / or through deception..
(VERY often used by politicians and business through their marketing)...

 their thrust is almost always toward the Logical portion 
 (the second of the big three).
 They will ask you, "Now isn't it logical?" 

A perfectly logical argument (however incorrect the conclusion must be) 
 can be made for accept the initial premise. 
 That is what must be looked at the most closely. 

 Try to point out their flaw and their next defense is for you to try to disprove it. 

 WRONG...They made the assertion...
THEY must provide the supporting evidence for their premise..
the stats used (a whole other subject)...
 their methodology used to gather their stats and how it applies to their premise. 

"Welcome to the human race"...hmmm....
because we are human and we are prone to making mistakes...
we therefore are allowed to get a pass on being accountable 
for being Objectively Reasonable? 

 The message is what we look at, because, otherwise...
"hey..I'm only human and I could be wrong so what do I know..what do you know"...etc. 

Humans separate themselves from all of the other animals 
through their Objective Reasoning skills. 

 The correct answer lies within Objective Reasoning. 
 A wrong answer may come about because of incorrect application of reasoning 
or because of the necessary variables not being available...
not because the method of Objective Reasoning itself. 

 True, in many cases, all is not known, therefore, most things are non-absolutes. 
 However, they are the most plausible with the available variables. 

Many people simply throw out posits...
an idea, usually based upon Subjective opinion. 
 No supporting evidence. 

However, just because an utterance comes from another human doesn't necessarily 
make it an "opinion"..and therefore subject to dismissal as such. 

 If it follows Objective Reasoning, it is a logical argument. 

 It is not necessarily a fact...
but an argument designed to demonstrate why it would
 be the most plausible explanation or path to follow. 

 It is in an open forum that such ideas flourish. 

 To dismiss a logical argument as merely an opinion...
without dissection and attempted censorship. 

 It comes about because too many people rely upon Subjective Reasoning
 and do not understand Objective Reasoning. 


Objective Reasoning....critical to correct thinking.  

Correct thinking is critical to correct action.  

Correct action is critical to leading a correct life...
one borne of passion and purpose...and justice.  

Teach your children how to correctly reason...
and they will be able to extract information from all that they observe 
from the world around them, and they will be able to make informed decisions...
and so, shall be able to live their life riding on a Positive Spiral.  

They will then be able to pass this way of life on to their children.


  1. I found you from Blog gems. Thanks for such a unique post and a look at something we often do not think about...and definitely how reasoning pertains to our kids.

  2. Thank yo very much for stopping in and commenting. Yes...I think Objective Reasoning is much overlooked in the world today.

  3. I Identify myself with Aspergers, and thus with their, your "double-lense", and after just now discovering your selves, I left so attentive to your blog..:)))

    I becomed last years a "knowledge-broker", my enthusiasm is mining internet, searching those new theories that reinforce this sense of unity, pervading more and more people, science and internet.

    Conventional Science (and universities) are in a urgent, and emergent, process of incorporating all that new knowledge, that has made possible Alex, and many more, advancements..

    Mirror Neurons, Abduction, Echolocation (Yes! In Humans!), Autopoiesis...put us humans in a very diferent (su-) position that we had believe or imagined before. ("We all actualy are superman")

    Our dream is that schools and universities always that people are in the classroom, they will be in visual, and sensorial contact, with ALL the people there: By shaping a double "U". Instead of the conventional piramidal teacher/student (frontal dychotomy and isolation) structure...

    Thank you very much!

  4. Congratulations! Look at the new scientific logic of Abduction, that so admirably complement reason and irrational, and creativity. Without the freedom of abductive reasoning , the other scientific methods: Deduction and Induction, would be inexistent at all!

  5. I must warn my readers about your web page...there is a picture near the top that would be considered obscene in this country.

    I had never heard of until you mentioned it in your Blog. I now have it bookmarked. It is very interesting.

    Thank you for your comments.


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