Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Schooling - Alex's most effective courses

Alex is presently being home schooled.  Although his old elementary school was doing a great job trying to accommodate his accelerated learning curve...they simply could not keep up with him....and, I have to admit,...neither can we, his parents.  He is simply accelerating faster that we can keep up with him.  

The answer lies in DVD University courses and online courses many grades ahead of him.  I shall put in some of his favorite on line courses.  I highly recommend that you research on your own....however, I have given you a very good starting point.  Some courses are simply too expensive and do not offer anything more than the ones my wife has chosen for him.  What Alex responds to is also indicative of his learning it may not fit all.  I do encourage you to check these out first though.  They were chosen after seeing the depth of explanation and the resulting understanding that Alex had with them. 

I have NO ulterior motives here.  I get no money from this Blog or from the links I incorporate within.  I do this purposely so the information may remain pure...simply the best results, done within economically reasonable bounds, and in the most efficient manner..what else matters?

This is his personal laptop.  He loves using it over our other three computers.  He loves taking it whenever we go out on vacation or even out to eat....especially where there is WiFi.

He is self motivated...he loves how he can advance at his own distractions.

Both offer Lectures and examples / Assessments / Testing

Offers a free look into this highly successful program for greatly advanced math students from around the world.

Some of Alex's lessons on line from the above on-line courses.

Alex also is learning from a DVD University lecture course that one of his Aunts had gotten for him as a gift:

Alex is also starting a very highly rated course covering all general education:

Now the above, my wife explained, has a definite starting date and is very expensive unless you go through certain sites.  We are home schooling Alex and are in a group that gets a group rate.  We had gotten Plato though here:

For many children, where there is someone at home to guide him....home schooling offers him the chance to greatly accelerate his learning and to a greater depth than can be covered in a public school.

On a more personal note:

For young women out there who are planning on being a stay at home mother....and do not think that pursuing YOUR education is is you who MUST be educated so you may be able to guide your children in Critical Reasoning as well as their other subjects.  

Give them the capability to reason and all their subjects will make sense.  You, as their mothers, shall be able to guide them and to give them efficient and effective conceptualizations...this will give them perspective.  With this overall picture in their mind....they will be able to construct a logic tree in their minds. They will be able to see the many interlinking patterns of their knowledge.  With this they will be able to approximate intuitively, not just in math, but in all subjects.  They will develop foresight and will be able to reason forward instead of having to learn by mistakes.  They will be able to recognize where something is amiss (applies to life) and they shall be able to reason how to achieve desired effects over undesired ones.

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