Saturday, June 26, 2010

The value of Science - Alex at the Chabot Planetarium

Alex wanted to go to a local planetarium.  He enjoys science.
 This provided a hands on chance for the physical sciences
as well as some cosmology film presentations.

The value of science lies in the very process... Objective Reasoning.
 The process of taking into account the variables and applying correct reasoning
 to arrive at the most plausible explanation (your hypothesis). 

A hypothesis is arrived at, either through finding a causation
through a correlation of known variables (empirical  evidence)...
or by deducing the unknown variables through the known 
and seeing what must be left in order to fill in the known parameters
(theoretical evidence)
or by a combination of the two.

Successfully testing the Hypothesis, either through correct reasoning...
or empirically...results in a Theory.

The theory evolves from the hypothesis when using the evidence, in the set parameters...
a prediction of future behaviors or the explanation of events coincides with the hypothesis...
time and again ...without exception.

Proof is only when ALL possible variables are accounted for, and equated...
 in all possible circumstances.

Correct reasoning is simply:

Correct premise
Correct logic
Correct conclusion derived directly from the logical argument

The goal of science in practical terms:

To explain:

 To know what is, or, what was, compared to what is...
 to be able to accurately predict what is to be.

To Do:

Being able to correctly see what the problem is....
Being able to find the most efficient, and so, effective means of correction....
Being able to apply the correction at the highest sustainable rate
 to ensure the highest rate of change.

To Discover:

To find the answers to questions we do not yet have.

This is the essence of science.

It is fluid unless solidified by proof.
As new evidence appears (new variables introduced) the outcome changes
to accommodate the empirical evidence.

A theory is the most plausible explanation for the evidence given in a set parameter.
It is not an absolute law under all circumstances as it would evolve to proof.

Science is not, therefore, absolute truth.  It never claims to be.
True science is self correcting.

Science is the method to achieve truth.

These things have been taken out of our schools.
 It is the bedrock upon how we relate with our world.

Objective Reasoning and the Scientific Method

The way to know what was...what is...what is to be.

The greatest gift you can give your children:
 The ability to correctly reason...for with that...
they may be able to give themselves all they will ever need or want.

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