Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Babbling...No Cooing

From birth till over 3 years old he was non verbal. 
Throughout his Infant and Toddler stages, he made no babbling or cooing noises. 
He only had this deep, almost guttural cry, when he had a need. 
His mother had taught him basic sign language so he could ask for basic needs.

He was a very alert baby.  He was fascinated by letters and numbers.

We kept him engaged through ever changing and ever growing educational stimuli, all of which engendered growth of the synapses.  With stimuli, each involved neuron grows more and stronger connections.  Without adequate stimuli, the brain prunes the "unnecessary" connections.  The ages 0-5 are considered the formative years with the full cognitive capabilities not ripening until 8 or so.  

Do not let anyone tell you differently - A child needs adequate cognitive, as well as physical stimulation, to properly develop.  The more nurturing a child has, the more neuronal connections he shall develop, and so, he shall be able to reach his full potential.  Merely "adequate" stimuli keeps major pruning at bay, but, if it is your goal to just keep your child from becoming deficient in some way, you are wasting your time reading further.  You have obviously put yourself before your baby, and not the other way around.  You won't do what is necessary to have your child flourish.

I must stress this point - A child needs to have constant and vigilant care.  True Motherhood demands a woman who has mastered herself.  She must be an Internal Warrior.  She must have, or quickly develop: endurance, adaptability, patience, tenacity (she must be able to always win the inevitable battle of wills with her ever burgeoning child), emotional stability, and intelligence.  A Mother is the Master Instructor, Nurse, Educational Researcher, Nutritionist, Psychologist....etc.

Day care has become a euphemism for child neglect.  They merely warehouse.  Many children are left to "play" all day.  They cannot fully develop your child's potential.  No one can do so, nearly so well, as a true mother.  If you are a single mother, or father, with no family connections and must work, then it is a necessity, and then it cannot be helped.  Just be sure you cover their homework and read to them every night.  Do the advanced work on the weekends.

 Hard truth.  But so is the number of children being left behind, in gangs, using drugs, dropping out of school....all of whom had gotten on a negative spiral, and had no guidance to get them on a positive one.

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