Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kinesthetic Training II - Heavy Bag

Alex's first heavy bag lesson 
(bag gloves shall be used later - initially it is important to ensure correct bone alignment in the wrists before much force is used)

Alex learning proper bone alignment to prevent self injury and to maximize transmission of force.  Heavy bag training teaches correct body mechanics:  bone alignment, economy of motion, balance in motion, application of force and relaxation under stress.  With longer sessions, he will gain stamina and endurance.  

Kinesthetic Training I is Power Lifting - basic training of power from the ground up.  Strengthening of the tendons, ligaments, muscles and the nervous system.  It teaches the body to operate as a single unit and to toughen it to endure the subsequent training (Kinesthetic training II).

Kinesthetic Training II - The Heavy Bag

 The proper application of power, and, just as importantly, the proper mind set of assertion is the goal.

Assertiveness is protecting your yard.
Aggressiveness is forcing yourself into someone else's yard.

As he is gentle in nature, others may seek to dominate him.  Proper mind set combined with the proper tools to be able to protect himself, as well as his future family, is vital to him as a future man.  A properly assertive man is an asset to himself, and so, to the others around him.  He is able to defeat the aggressive ones as he has morale righteousness.  This gives him the will and strength to overcome the unrighteous ones.  The bully relies on intimidation.  He tries to pick on those he perceives as weak in constitution.   Through proper training, his confident posture and walk will exude strength of mind and body.  This alone will keep most bullies at bay.  Should it not, he shall be able to make it too costly to bullies to pick on him. 

Again, it is assertiveness that he shall be taught.  It is a basic moral that applies to everything in life.  With inner strength, he can afford to be gentle because he wishes to, not because he has to be.

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