Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johns Hopkins University Young Talent Search


Pictured here at the
Johns Hopkins University
Young Talent Search Awards

The Intellectual Olympics

In the first half of 2009...

 Alex took part in the Johns Hopkins University
Talent Search.  

All 50 States in the United States participate, as well as
118 other countries around the world.  

The requirements for participation
in the testing is to be in the gifted range 

through either performance or IQ testing.  
The J.H.U. testing is done with the child 
in a controlled setting at a special testing center.  

There, the child answers questions on
Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning on a computer.

From there, only the Extremely or Profoundly Gifted 

 score high enough to be awarded the J.H.U. award.  
Alex scored high enough to receive the
award in both categories 

 (Comprehension / Quantitative Reasoning).

But it gets even better.......

In Quantitative Reasoning...
 essentially, figuring out how to 
apply math to a word problem...

 the children were given 50 problems 
and 22 minutes to complete them.  

Alex walked out of the testing in 8 minutes.  

We were worried that maybe Alex had rushed 
and hadn't double checked his answers.

Alex had gotten every single one correct...
however, we hadn't realized the significance of his score 
until we had gone to the ceremony on 11-07-09.

Remember, this was highly gifted math for 3rd graders...

 many grades ahead of 3rd grade.

We looked at the program guide...

Alex was to get a special second award
for Top Of The Nation in Quantitative Reasoning. 

Alex was one of only 29 Profoundly Gifted children 
in the 3rd grade in all of the United States 
to have scored in the uppermost percentile.  
This placed him in the most
gifted of all the gifted children.

Those whom had received the first award are...

Extremely Gifted.

Alex was in the 99.99 percentile - one in 10,000...

  Profoundly Gifted.

A proud Papa and a happy son.

Alex at the conclusion of the ceremony.

A parent at home
Early Intervention
Firm, Fair, and Consistent
 ABA Therapy...
Positive Reinforcement in all things and at all times
Steady and nutritional diet of wholesome food...
 Intellectual and Physical Stimuli
Set study habits early and do it daily...
 Parental guidance through study...
explain fundamental concepts
Give the love of learning through Positive Reinforcement 
Show your love in every way and every day

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