Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Classroom to Library

The Classroom as used when he had ABA.

The old Classroom - the new Library.
Alex's resource center.  His mother keeps it stocked with up to date academic, as well as, free reading books.  She is constantly searching for new and interesting titles online.

A room filled with advanced books and knowledge of the ages.  

A closet filled with board games.

A place that Alex can go at any time to pick out a book to free read.  He reads many hours every day and then writes a report on each finished book.  His mother makes sure it is in the same format as is used in schools.  He loves his books and gets excited whenever a new shipment arrives.

He has a separate book shelf in his bedroom for his bedtime books.  Every night for 1 - 1.5 hrs he reads and is read to by his mother - he loves falling asleep listening to his mother's voice as she reads to him.  A night time ritual that has gone on since before he was born (being read to - even in the womb).

Reading to him when he is young teaches him pacing, rhythm, pronunciation, intonation...etc.  Language becomes intuitive.  This is learning by "Osmosis".  An intuitive grasp of the language as a conglomerate.  From the beginning - cuddle up with him and show the words as you read them, with your finger, then put his finger on top of yours so he may learn to follow.  He will soon be able to use his own finger to follow as you read to him.  He will notice the ever repeating patterns.  Phonics will make sense to him before he is officially taught them.  Do it every night at the same time and you will have made bedtime a fun ritual for both, mother and child.  Allow other concerns to supercede the ritual and you are, in effect, telling him that the all important ritual...the key to his, well, maybe not so important.  Make it a sacred time and he shall consider it a sacred time.

A correct habit, initiated early, becomes a ritual.  A reading ritual is a path to knowledge, as well as the start to correct study habits.  A correct study habit is a key to his future, a vital moral, and a correct path in life.

A correct path in life is a Positive Spiral.
When a child realizes he can do anything he sincerely practices, the world opens up to him.

The key to learning is the quantity of quality.

Know the founding principle.
Repetition of the principle (any and all variants incorporated) until complete understanding is achieved.
Correct application of the principle.
Mastery of the concept - move on - review concepts periodically to be certain of retention.

As with anything in life, pacing is vital.

Pacing:  The sustained speed necessary to achieve the goal.

The operative words: Sustained Speed - something that can be done on a daily basis for the duration to effect a change.

Know the minimum pace - never fall below it.  The goal becomes a foregone conclusion.

Any sustained speed above the minimum will effect a more rapid change - your goal is achieved more quickly.

The goal becomes a passion, and so, pleasurable.  They have control over their destiny and how quickly it comes.  They then own it - it becomes a part of them.  Try to force the pace and the natural tendency is to slow down.  Allow them to speed up on their own and the natural tendency is to speed up.  Praise them heartily when they do so.  They are then setting their own goals - it becomes a matter of true pride.

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