Friday, June 4, 2010

The Amazing Alex - 4th Grade

Alex at a Christmas event.  Although he enjoyed certain things here, it will be our last year.  He,as well as I, hate crowds.  

Age 8 and 9 was when he started blossoming achievement wise.  He has always been extremely intelligent.  Its just that during 4th grade, a culmination of efforts led to a culmination of recognized achievements.
During 3rd grade, he had taken the Johns Hopkins University Talent Search testing (doing extremely well).
He was formally recognized in 4th grade.

In 3rd grade, he had gone to Dr. Palmers and had done extremely well.  This allowed his mother to apply for the Davidson's Institute Young Scholars Program.  He was accepted during 4th grade.  

He and a 6th grader won his school's 4-6 grade spelling bee.  It was after we had gotten home from this event that my wife had found our acceptance E-mail from the Davidson's Institute Y.S.P..  What a day!  We ate well that night - I believe Alaskan King Crab and Prime Rib.

A few months into 4th grade, we had gone to the formal Johns Hopkins University Young Talent Search awards ceremony and found out how well he had actually done.
Alex was given a special recognition award from his school district. 
A local reporter was there and Alex was in the newspaper.

He is now finished with 4th grade.  He shall be home schooled from now on.  His mother is now in S.A.T. preparation mode.  We hope to have him ready by 10 or 11 yrs. old.  We are striving to get him into the actual Davidson's Institute at the University of Nevada.  A high SAT score is only part of the requirements.

This is one free vocabulary builder that was recommended by a member of the  Davidson's Institute Y.S.P.
 Alex likes it.  It is a good S.A.T. vocabulary builder:

We shall keep him on a steady and nutritious diet of Positive Reinforcement, Love, an environment rich in Educational and Physical Stimuli, and Good Wholesome Food.  These in combination with plenty of quality sleep and the days interspersed with high quality fun - he can not help but reach his potential.

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