Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Amazing Alex - 1 In 10,000

Earlier this year (2010), the school called three days ahead of this event and asked that we (parents and Alex)
attend the District School Board meeting.  We didn't know what it was for.  Alex's Principal, Special Education Teacher, and the District's Special Education Director were among many that were there, along with a news photographer.  Alex, his Mother and I, were called up to the podium and a speech was given about Alex's achievement.  

All of the Board members shook Alex's hand.

Remember, Alex was in Special Education.  He is an Aspie (Asperger's syndrome - in the Autistic spectrum but normal to profoundly gifted - Twice Exceptional Child) - originally deemed as Autistic.

He has some deficits (more on that later - a separate page ) - but his mother is steadily working on them.  We have seen great results through her tutelage - Firm / Fair / Consistent - Positive Reinforcement

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