Saturday, May 15, 2010

Study Time

Study time for Alex.  The dinner table offers no distractions and Momma can be close by as she prepares meals.  He zips through his homework and then it is on to Momma's advanced studies.  He will typically study after school for an extra 3-4 hours, eat, and then have one hour free time.  He usually plays a Sim or Puzzle game on his Laptop.  He will then shower and prepare for bed.  Another established routine is bedtime.  He is always read to, and he reads to his Mom, followed by comprehension and reasoning practice.  This usually goes on for 1-2 hours.  He falls asleep listening to his mom's reading.  This has been the way ever since he was born.  He thrives on routine.  Good study habits are made from the beginning.  On the weekends he still studies for 3-5 hours - not including his free and bedtime reading.  During Summer he is on a perpetual weekend study schedule.  His mother is constantly researching and purchasing new study material for Alex.

He loves reading while he eats.  Here he is snacking and reading.  He loves to sit on the sofa and read for hours.

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