Thursday, May 13, 2010

Overcoming Stimuli through Positive Reinforcement.

Alex when he was 5 yrs. old.  We had taken him to the RainForest Cafe in San Francisco.  He was just getting used to multi-stimuli.  There were sights and sounds throughout the Cafe from flashing lights (simulated lighting and thunder) to animatronics (robotic animals moving and bellowing periodically).  He did well.  He used to be bothered by unannounced stimuli.  The ABA therapy targeted this, among other problems, and he overcame them quickly.  In this photo, he had ordered Dinosaur chicken nuggets.  He picked up a T-Rex shaped nugget, bit its head off, announced, "This dinosaur is extinct", and laughed.

In this picture he is 5 yrs. old.  He is playing his Leapster learning game platform.  He loved the Math and English learning programs.  He would play for hours on end while we drove.  He would move up to a laptop in later years.  The Leapster was a good tool for him.  He had a choice of many learning programs and he would always reach for it when he was not reading.

His gross motor coordination needed work when he was young.  Part of his therapy included the playground.  They not only worked on his physical skills, but his social ones as well.  He, of course, loved this portion.  Introduce the stimuli in controlled, easily digestible portions, teach the coping mechanism and give positive feedback at the successful completion of the task.  Positive Reinforcement.

 He is 5 yrs. old here.  He loved train and tram rides at amusement parks.  He would be so engrossed in one particular thing at a time that most other stimuli he would just close out.  Those things that he did notice though, he would remember well.


Although he was still a bit uncoordinated, he loved to run on the grass at the park.  His coordination has greatly improved over the years.

He is 6 yrs. old here.  He had a good time at the park with his Mother.  He had spontaneously put his head on the table so the shot was irresistible to Mother.

Alex loved what he called, "Rubby Rub".  He would rub noses with us.

He has always been raised with lots of affection.  He loves to be held.  One of us was always with him.  His Mother was always on the lookout, ensuring everything was baby safe.   He is a very happy child as he was raised with a lot of attention, affection and love.  He loves hugs and kisses.  Again, we raised him with Positive Reinforcement.  He looked forward to learning.

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