Saturday, May 15, 2010

Learning Coordination - Kinesthetic Training I

Alex is 5 yrs. old in this photo.  He had gross motor coordination problems.  He had a hard time making this basket for awhile.
He was 6 yrs. old when we signed him up for Soccer.  He would participate for 2 yrs. and then we switched to other things as he wasn't enjoying it much.  We were also looking for more of a total body coordination sport.

No, this was not the sport we had switched to.  He did love it though.  We found the Wii and other video platforms to have valuable programs that helped coordinate his eyes and hands.

We started him in a tumbling class.  He really enjoyed it, but, the instructor moved on after a few months.  So...

He really enjoys Karate.  It has really improved his overall body coordination.  

We started him on private summer swimming lessons.  He really enjoyed them.  Although he still has problems swimming, it got him to not fear putting his head underwater.

We had gotten him a trampoline.  He has always enjoyed jumping.  We are always there to supervise him.  He learned a few basic jumps in tumbling.  He doesn't try any flips.  Just up and down...up and down.

He started riding a bicycle at 8 yrs.  He could have learned sooner but we were afraid he would be too impulsive on the streets.  We are still with him when he rides.

Kinesthetic Training I

I am also starting him on the basic power lifts for overall body strength and application of body mechanics.
He is to be home schooled from now on.  I will be able to work with him on a regular basis.  His grip strength was one of his major weaknesses.  It won't be in the future.  The training of the nervous system is just as important as that of the muscles.  He shall get both through Powerlifting.

We shall keep him up on his Karate also.  I shall also include jogging for endurance.  An activity that the child loves doing is one that he shall keep doing.  With passion, he shall be able to overcome any obstacle.


  1. Interesting to see what types of physical activities you've done with your son. We've tried many of these same things. Karate, we believe, has been good for him. And we finally found a good swim instructor who knows how to work with kids like my son. But teaching him to ride a bicycle continues to be a challenge as he still is scared of the movement. I didn't think about power lifting, but probably will wait a couple more years on that.

  2. Alex was initially afraid of falling, and so, he wobbled so much he couldn't ride. I started from the point of fear and had him conquer that first. I taught him how to fall. I gently pushed the bike over with him on it and he learned how to land on his feet and to roll if he lost his balance (on the grass). He soon started riding with confidence. He then progressed to gentle turns and on to figure eights (in an empty parking lot). One of us is always with him when he rides in the neighborhood still. He doesn't ride much, however, soon we shall all be going on family rides.


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