Wednesday, June 2, 2010

IQ testing from Dr. Palmer in Laguna Beach

Alex in the summer before 4th Grade at Laguna Beach.  His mother had researched IQ testing for Gifted Children.  It is very important to get a highly qualified tester.  He can bring out the best in a gifted child so he may perform at his optimal level.  My wife found Dr. Palmer, who is an author of books on this subject.  We had the greatest time at Laguna Beach (his office location).  We spent 3 days there.  The first day was Alex's testing.  Many hours long, but it was fun for Alex.  He is so funny - we, as his parents, suffered from stress before his testing.  Alex didn't.  He always seems so nonchalant before such testing.  Anyway, at the conclusion of his testing, Dr. Palmer briefed us on how well Alex had done.  We were especially elated because his scores qualified him to apply to the Davidson's Institute Young Scholars Program for the profoundly gifted.  The next two days were a celebration of his performance.  My head was swimming with all the doors open to him in his future.

More on Dr. Palmer:
When I had met him, I knew he was the right one.  He was gentle in nature and had an aura of quiet intelligence about him.  
Alex responded so well to him.  Dr. Palmer specializes in testing for gifted children - should you think your child is gifted - he is the one to go to.  The whole experience in Laguna Beach was so nice.

Alex enjoying a well deserved swim at the hotel pool.
We had some delicious crab cakes that night.  Alex loves seafood.
Alex at the hotel on the laptop.  He used it for the entire trip - all the way down - all his free time - all the way back up in the minivan.  He loves learning programs, free writing, and Sims games.

 Pismo Beach. 
Alex loves the ocean.  He certainly deserved an extra stop here.
  A lot of worries for my son's future were alleviated by his scores, and, with the realization of the expansion of the realm of his future.
My heart was soaring higher and stronger than the pictured kites.

Alex called the tickling of the bubbles on his feet - soda feet.  We had a great time here.

Alex on his beloved laptop on the way home.  He gladly sits and operates the computer on long drives.  His mind is always active.  Proper stimuli (educational materials which are also fun ) are the fertilizers for the virgin field of a child's mind.  Under a parent's warmth and guidance (the sun), a child cannot help but grow and, so, succeed.

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