Saturday, May 15, 2010

Halloween - Math Teacher !!!

A couple of years ago, Alex insisted that for Halloween, he was going to be a Math Teacher.  We couldn't think of how a typical one looked like, so we went with the stereotype. Alex went from door to door getting candy and puzzled looks.  He had fun, but it was his last Halloween as he doesn't really enjoy social occasions.  He doesn't want any big birthday parties.  Just family.  We really don't celebrate any holidays.  At age 7, Alex thought they were for children and were kind of silly.

Alex doesn't really eat sweets...well not often.  It is a special treat.  However, we can leave out chocolate and he never gets into it.   He was always given fruit and nuts for a snack.  He does seem to enjoy that candy bar though.  Alex is rule oriented.  He rarely does something that he should not do.  As an Aspie, he dislikes disorder and unannounced changes.  He had learned to become more flexible through his therapy and by his Mother's follow through training.  She is now working upon getting him to be more organized.  He is very forgetful.


  1. Ha! I love that he wanted to be a math teacher for Halloween.

  2. We initially had a hard time trying to dress him as one...he was so had to be a Math Teacher...and so...


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