Monday, May 17, 2010

The classroom

The dedicated classroom has everything in it to facilitate learning and exploring.  Games, and especially, books, are in a multitude of book cases.  The ABA Therapists could operate in full comfort.  We had installed a color video and sound camera transmitter so we could see our son grow, but more importantly, we could learn all the techniques used.  It was our training too.  I am so grateful for their help.  My wife always kept the classroom fully stocked with new books and games.

They worked up to eight hours in one day.  Many hours, but not long hours.  They made it fun for him.  He looked forward to their praise when he did well.  Even now, even though the ABA therapy has ceased (outgrew the program - no more need - he did so well), he still has free reign of all the books.  My wife says he sometimes goes up to the classroom and picks out a book and free reads in there.  She can hear his laughter as he reads something funny.  For him, it is also a place of good memories.  He feels comfortable there.  There are, of course, many more books in his room.

Alex early in his ABA therapy.  We had installed a color video and audio camera.  It transmitted  wirelessly to one of our downstairs TVs (the system cost but $60.00 online). We could watch and learn the same techniques.  Continuity of the program was essential not only for the therapists, but for the parents also.  Firm and gentle guidance typified the program.  Alex loved the encouragement he received.  He loved hugs and the small rewards gotten for a job well done.  


The therapists knew of, and, encouraged the use of such monitoring equipment.  They knew parents are both worried and curious.  This is also a prime learning opportunity for the parents.  Nothing teaches so well as a technique or system demonstrated.  Alex learned to love his time spent learning from his teachers.  He has fond feelings for them to this day.  We were so fortunate to have had such a great crew of dedicated people.

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