Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Amazing Alex - Preschool

The Amazing Alex

His story is a continual process but we were astounded quite early on.
Unposed photo - one of his therapists who accompanied him at Preschool saw him sitting in this pose and thought it was funny so he snapped this on his phone camera and sent it to us.  Alex was going through ABA at home and they were practicing emotions by faces in pictures.  I think he was self practicing.

When he was in Preschool, he was given a Disney 365 story book.  One for each day of a year.  Each one was a 1 page complete story (a book for much older children).  Title, a small picture, a page number, content, and a date.  He read one a day.  About 6 months had gone by and he was able to tell us all the other variables after having been given any one variable for any of the past stories, in seconds, by memory. 

He used to correct his preschool teachers when they misspoke.  He wasn't being mean or trying to embarrass them.  He thought they had just made a mistake and so he pointed it out.  
One incident went as such: 
A particular teacher whom was plagued by her early speech patterns said - I don't want nobody talking! 
Alex said:  "Ms. xxxxx, Grammatically speaking, That's a double negative!  If you want everybody to be quiet, you should say, I don't want anybody talking"!

He did that a few times.  The teacher got red faced when he laughed good heartedly, thinking that it was just a silly mistake. 
Some teachers used him to read to the other children.
He also used to have adults give the year that they were born and he would give the answer very quickly with a caveat - "You are (ex) 36 or 37 - depending on the month and day".

Actually, an incident at age 3 1/2 yrs., at Border's made me proud.  He loved the bookstore.  His mother would let him pick out books.  He went to the young adult section, pulled out a book for teenagers, sat down at one of the many chairs and started reading aloud.   There were some High School and College students there and my wife saw one leave and return with some friends.  Soon there were many young adults gathering around and listening to him read and commenting approvingly.  Again, with proper pronunciation and with no hesitation in his delivery. 

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