Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Amazing Alex - 3rd Grade

Alex in the summer before 3rd Grade.  He is on a laptop that we let him use.  He loves free writing and has written many a story on it.  He learned how to type correctly using a computer typing program - in one week.
He excels at pursuing an interest ceaselessly until learned.  We, later that year, got him his own laptop.  The dinner table is his primary study location.  This way Momma Bear can watch over her cub. 

  Alex having fun at a friend's house.  He has a play date with selected children whose parents have agreed to having a structured play session with the ABA therapist and Alex's mother attending.  
I think this is the best way for children to play nowadays - structured and chaperoned.  In the 60s, I had played alone and had wandered around, playing with any child that was outside.  This is no longer an innocent age.  Predators and bad influences abound.  It is sad, but it is worse to allow your child's course in life to be derailed or cut short because of some evil persons actions upon your child.
A child needs a positive adult influence there, and on guard, at all times - organized sports is a good option - not knowing where your child is, just allowing him to have fun outside, somewhere, is not.  Predators look for the single cub away from the herd.

Be alert - scan your surroundings.

Let all predators beware of Momma Bear.

Have them positively fear Papa Bear.

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