Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alex In Japan

Alex with his Maternal Grand Father and Grand Mother in Japan.  Alex and his Mother visited for 1 week when he was 6 yrs. old.  He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Alex was raised on Japanese food.  He loves it.  In Japan, there was a lot more variety of tastes.  He especially loved the fruit drinks with fruit in it.


A funny story involved many of the neighbors.  They live in a small fishing village in the countryside.  Many had never seen a foreigner in real life.  When they saw Alex in the store (you can tell he is mixed - and of course, he had spoken in English), they followed him around.  Many neighbors knocked on their door at night to get to see and talk with him.  The Grand Parents decided to take him around to the neighbors.  Alex loved the attention.  He said he had felt special.

This is him at the Airport...ready for departure...back to the U.S.A.  As you can tell, his smile is forced.  He still has a difficult time forming a smile when it isn't sincere....then again...perhaps too many people find it too easy to do so.  It simply isn't natural to smile when it doesn't come from within.  He only did so because his Mother told him to smile for the camera.  He will sometimes argue that it is phony.  He is right.  I think it is the photographer's job to capture the real you and the right moment.  It is the person's job to be genuine and true to one's self.

  Alex did well on the plane.  He had taken a variety of games and books.  He was also fascinated by the on board (seat back) G.P.S. and routing screen.  He seemed to really enjoy his trip.  He certainly wishes to go back.


  1. If I may ask, what part of Japan did you visit? We want to take our son their sometime, but am not sure he is ready for it, particularly Tokyo which may be overwhelming in many ways.

    I like your comment about smiles and photographs. I am guilty of asking my son to smile, because that is what others want to see. But, I agree that the best pictures are those that truly capture the moment, regardless of the emotion.

  2. Alex's Grandparents are from the Island of Shikoku..I forgot the town's name, but it is a smaller fishing village. He can't wait to go back...he was treated like a prince while there. Alex smiles more easily now...but I teach him that sincerity is far more appreciated than almost anything else.

  3. My mom lived in a small village on Shikoku for a time when she was a child. I visited it with her when I was grown up. It probably isn't the same one as this one that Alex visited, but it looks very similar.

  4. The village is called Sukumo. It is not too far from Kochi. My son loved it there. We plan on going back soon.

  5. I just found Sukumo on a map. My mom's village was just north of there: Yawatahama.

  6. My mother was raised near Hakata Bay and later from Sasebo...both in Kyushu.


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