Friday, January 11, 2019

III - Maiden Ferry Voyage - The Return Trip

Song:  Aniron

Artist:  Enya

At the Ferry Building...
they stopped in to eat some Poke.

Alex had salmon poke.

They then waited for the next ferry.

Alex was so tired from their long day in San Francisco.

Just a short while later...
they arrived at their home port.

Going through their home port gate.

The beginning of their walk home from the ferry dock.

The Vietnamese restaurant is about the halfway point to home
(Just beyond the first red roofed building).

They had an enjoyable...but tiring day.

Now, San Francisco is but a short ferry ride away...
with no driving or parking hassles.

II - Maiden Ferry Voyage - Pier 39 - Fisherman's Wharf

Song:  In Memory Of Trees

Artist:  Enya

Alex and his mother enjoyed walking around Pier 39
and doing some light shopping.

These are actual musical steps.

Each note is played when someone passes each step...
and breaks the laser beams on the left, so...

...Alex played a long scale   :)

They then walked to Fisherman's Wharf.

People were hand feeding the many birds there.

Alex and his mother really liked this man's guitar playing.

They sat and listened to him for quite a while.

He had played many popular songs...
even some from Pink Floyd.

that is a man with good taste in music   :)

The street performers really add to the charm of San Francisco.

By the time they started walking back to the Ferry Building...
the skies started to clear up.

They finally reached their destination...
the Ferry Building...for their ride back home.

By this time...
they were quite tired.

The final article will be of their wait for the ferry...
and of their walk back home from the ferry station near the condo.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

I - Maiden SF Ferry Voyage

Song:  Have You Heard / The Voyage

Group:  The Moody Blues

On this day...
The San Francisco Ferry opened a new terminal within walking distance
from our ocean condo.

Alex and his mother went on their maiden voyage early in the morning.

The day started out cloudy...
and San Francisco had quite a bit of fog on the ground until later midday.

My wife said that the ride was smooth, comfortable, fast, and inexpensive
($9.00 each way - or $6.75 bought in quantity).

The next time I visit...
I will be taking this ferry also.

No more fighting traffic or paying high parking fees.

My wife said Alex used his iPhone to measure the total distance walked 
the whole day.  To the ferry...all the while in San Francisco...
and back home from the ferry.

It had totaled 9.3 miles.

She said they were worn out.

Their day started at 7:30 AM and they got back home around 5:30 PM.

Alex leaving the condo complex to the ocean walkway.

The ferry building is visible in the background.

It is just on the other side of the harbor inlet.

On their way to the ferry building.

The Vietnamese restaurant is the red roofed building on the right.

They were nearing the ferry building here.

There were many flowers blooming near the ferry building.

Alex is carrying a commemorative bag given out for the maiden voyage 
of the new ferry service.

The ferry had just docked at the ferry terminal in San Francisco.

Notice the ferry has a catamaran hull.

This lends to greater speed, fuel efficiency, stability...
and an overall smoother and much more comfortable transit.

As you can see...
it was quite foggy in San Francisco.

Many food stores were available for the ferry commuters. 

They made their way towards Pier 39.

The parking structure in the background is the one in which I used to park
whenever I visited Pier 39.

we will never have to do so in the future.

Pier 39 had sleeping platforms for sea lions.

As it was still early in the day...
most of the stores were still closed.

In the next article...
I will show their day at Pier 39.

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