Monday, October 5, 2020

Alex's Daily Walks


Song:  Caravansary

Artist:  Kitaro

Alex is doing very well at UC Berkeley.

Although he is very busy with many classes and projects...

he usually takes a daily walk on the ocean walkway just outside the condo gates.

His mother says Alex usually walks five miles or so a day...

and sometimes much more (sometimes twelve miles in a day).

Alex likes the walks as it allows him to clear his mind as he gets good exercise.

Here he is wearing his math mask.

His mother also goes on almost daily walks on the ocean walkway.

This walkway extends both directions along the ocean for many miles.

The condo complex is just to the right in this photo.

The ocean walkway is just a short walk from the condo.

So, it is a pleasant...

and very convenient way to enjoy so many of life's great simple pleasures;

the beauty of a sunset...

the fresh ocean breeze...

wildlife all around...

and all in peaceful surroundings.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Alex's Fall Semester Classes

Song:  El Condor Pasa (Cover)

Zither Performer:  Etienne de Lavaulux

Alex will be taking three Math classes and one Data Science class.

1)  Mathematical Logic

2)   Set Theory

3)  Experimental Courses In Mathematics

4)  Human Contexts And Ethics Of DATA

He is also working on his Mathematical Research Project...
working with the UC Berkeley Math Group for this year's BMT...
Tutoring...and submitting math problems for an online math tournament group.

Alex is busy...but he is happy.

Alex and his mother have a relaxing place to call home as he furthers his
education towards his goals.

His mother loves taking walks along the ocean walkway to take photos
of the people, animals, and sunsets along the walkway.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Photo Shoot For YouTube Video

Song:  Tatsuko's Song

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

I recommend you go to full screen on each of these videos.

Just run your curser over the video after you press the play mode...
then look for the full screen  insgnia on the far bottom right and press.

Song:  Waterfall

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Morning Calm

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Sunset

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Aishiteru (Aishiteiru)

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Zoey's Song

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Sofia's Song

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

Song:  Cory And Charlene's Song

Composer / Performer:  James Toller

I now have a YouTube Channel for all of my compositions
 that I write for the characters in my stories.

I will be performing my compositions on this YouTube Channel.

I will be posting on YouTube...
the next eight songs from my trilogy...
and then my other compositions from other future stories I will write
sometime in the near future.

This is a link to my Amazon Author's Page:

The first song of my new YouTube Channel is the video above:

Tatsuko's Song.

This song is the simplest and shortest of my compositions.

The others I will post soon.

I will also post the sheet music to my compositions on two of my other blogs:

James Toller Blog

Bass Flute Compositions

The below photos are just some of the ones my elder sister and her husband, James...
took of me at Prosser Reservoir just a couple of days ago.

I used some of these on my video.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Alex And His Mother Enjoying The Ocean Walkway At Home

Song:  A Pillow Of Winds

Group:  Pink Floyd

Alex got accepted to a math research program.

He will be conducting it online...
so, he will do it along with his classes at UC Berkeley.

Getting into research is so important when applying to a graduate school.

This is good news.

Alex is so happy.


Alex and his mother went on a sunset walk along the ocean walkway.

The day was a bit foggy at first.

They both love to stroll on the ocean walkway to feel the cool ocean breeze...
and to watch the sun go down.

It is such a good stress releaser.


Alex just off the ocean walkway.

They both love to relax on the ocean walkway.

As the walkway is just a couple minute walk from home...
they may fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings anytime they feel the desire.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Alex With A Math Mask / Recent Photos From Home

Song (drum cover):  We're An American Band
Original Song: Grand Funk Railroad

Drum Cover:  Yoyoka (9 yrs. old at the time)
(She is my favorite kid drummer)

Some recent photos of Alex with his Math Mask  :)

For the past several months...
Alex has been an ARML math coach for some Bay Area math teams.

Alex had done so well in his last math class that he was hired 
to be a homework grader of the summer semester's
 Complex Analysis class at UC Berkeley.

Alex is also applying for a research position.

Recent pictures at home:

Sunset from the condo complex.

On the ocean bay walkway just in front of the condo complex.

Just to the right on the walkway.

A short walk from home...
one of our favorite restaurants.

This restaurant has outdoor seating, as well as view inside seats.

The Falcon Cam at UC Berkeley.

My wife frequently keeps up on the fledglings...
as well as their parents.

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