Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16th - University Application Reply Update

Song:  To Zanarkand


Today started with a fairly large snowfall.

Today is also the day Alex expects at least two replies 
from some of the many university applications he had sent out.

a look at the snowfall.

From our backyard.

On the side of our house.

Our front yard.

Alex opened up his first reply from a top twenty university in math....

and he was accepted.

Then the next one he was really waiting on.

It is in the top 10 in the world in math....

and he was also accepted there.  :)

This makes a total of 6 university acceptance notifications
Alex has received so far.

The bulk of the university notices will be coming in the next three weeks.

Alex is very happy with his acceptance notices today...
particularly this last one.

It is a world famous university...
with a first class math department.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Alex Still Studying Diligently / Another New Blog

Song:  Midnight Oil

Artist: Luke Pitman

It is after midnight...
and Alex just recently finished studying...
and he is off to bed.

This is Alex's study station.

This is where he completes his online high school classes...
and where he studies his university classes.

He is always diligent in his studies.

We are still awaiting the results of his math university applications.

It won't be until the first week of April, or so, until we get all of the replies
(although he already been accepted to several top math universities).


We are expecting a major snow storm later today.

We will have to leave early to his university
to ensure to arrive on time.


As you may have surmised...
Alex needs very little in the way of academic guidance nowadays.

As a result...
just last month...
I bought a Bass Flute.

I may now devote several hours a day to practice.

I have started a new blog aimed at providing transpositions
for beginning flute players...
especially to Bass Flute players.

You may also arrive at the new blog by going to the top right of this blog
and clicking on the desired link of my 'Other Blogs'.

I will be transposing songs not readily available in sheet music.

If you know anyone who is starting out in music...
I am sure they will like some of my transpositions
(they are relatively simple to play).

I will be transposing music from other countries as well.

I particularly favor the music from Asia...
as well as the Middle East.

Much of their music is simply unavailable...
unless the song was especially popular.

I get most of my music from YouTube...
I listen to it...
I play the notes...
and I then write it out to play.

The above song was my first transposition.

I had transposed the harp music into the right hand of the piano...
and I wrote out the flute music.

I will be adding transpositions regularly.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Alex's Highest AMC 12 Score - AIME Bound

Song:  Crazy

Artist:  Seal

Alex took his last AMC 12 national math competition test yesterday.

Once again...
The Davidson Academy hosted it for Alex.

I had picked up Alex after the competition...
and Alex was very happy.

He knew that he had done well.

This had made me very happy for him.

As Alex is in his last year of high school...
this was his last opportunity to compete in it.

He got the results of his testing today.

He had, in fact, done very well.

He had scored his highest score ever, on this, his last contest.

Alex had secured his spot in the upcoming AIME with his score.

In an earlier AMC 12
(Two chances to do well...two tests given a few weeks apart)...
Alex had not done very well.

He, however, did not despair.

He had dissected the last contest...
and had redoubled his efforts
to come back much stronger on this test.

This was what had made me the happiest.

A true champion gets back up after being knocked down...
and comes back even stronger.

After not doing so well on the previous AMC 12...
he had given no excuses...
he had not lamented...
he had just approached it as a problem to be solved
so he could conquer it.

Alex has always done this.

This is who he is.

I could see the suppressed pride in Alex's face 
and demeanor on the car ride home yesterday.

It is Alex's great attitude which shall lead him to have a great life.

He is always looking to the future...
and he loves working hard to achieve his long term goals.

I had a great day yesterday.

When Alex is deeply happy...
I am deeply happy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Third Week 2018 Academic Olympics

Song:  Rain

Artist:  Dax Johnson

On this third week of the Academic Olympics...
it wasn't such a good day for Northstar.

For the first heat...
Northstar lost.

The second heat of the day...
Northstar came back and won.

for the third and fourth heats...
Northstar had lost.

This was their worst week.

As it stands for the day...

Wins:  1

Losses:  3

Total wins:   6

Total Losses:  6

I can't say otherwise...
this is going to be tough to come back from.

The other schools are fielding some very strong teams...
this is undeniable.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Second Week 2018 Academic Olympics

Song:  Asturias

Artist:  Ana Vidovic

Today was the second week of the 2018 Academic Olympics.

Northstar had gone up against a very strong team...
and had lost.

The second heat of the day proved to be against another strong team...
and Northstar had lost once again.

On the third heat...
Northstar had come on strong for the win.

For the last heat of the day...
Northstar had again secured the win.

The day's win loss record stood at:

2 losses

2 Wins

The conglomerate record for the Academic Olympics so far stands at:

Northstar Wins:  5

Losses:  3

Next week will be another 4 heat day.

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