Saturday, September 21, 2019

Photos On Campus / At Home

Song:  Connections

Artists:  Paul Horn / Steven Halpern

Alex just loves his meals for lunch just off the campus of UC Berkeley.

These were his meals for the past few days.

Man, I envy his great choices of food there.

My wife had to go onto campus a few days ago to handle some paperwork.

So, she walked around and took pictures after she had completed her task.

She met up with Alex after his classes...
and since my wife had received some good news...
they went out for sushi afterwards before going home.

My wife took these at the condo complex at sunset later that day.


Alex just got back his first exam for this semester's higher math (Abstract Algebra)....
and he had gotten a perfect score.

Alex was very happy as he understands the concepts presented so far.

Alex not only continues to do so well in his classes...
he is really enjoying all of his classes.
Alex feels he is learning so much at UC Berkeley.

This makes us, his parents, very happy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Some Pics Around The Marina Condo By My Wife

Song:  Another Park, Another Sunday

Group:  The Doobie Brothers

The weather is still nice at the marina condo
(It never really gets bad there at any time).

This view is just a few minutes walk from the condo.

My wife loves the many flowers in the condo complex.

These were taken along the ocean walkway 
which extends for many miles all around the East Bay...
and runs along two sides of the complex.

My wife and son love taking ocean walks along this walkway.

It is just a minute or two from their front door.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Alex Exploring Restaurants Near UC Berkeley For Lunch

Song:  Serenade (Franz Schubert)

Performing Duo:  Sotto Amore Duo

Alex is still exploring the many numerous restaurants
around the UC Berkeley Campus for lunch.

While he eats his breakfasts and suppers at home...
he is free to go anywhere he wishes for his lunch.

He is having a great time trying out new places.

Below are some of the ones he had tried this last week.

As you can see...
he is trying all kinds of ethnic dishes.

Alex loves the variety of tastes, textures, and the spices used.

He has become quite the culinary adventurist.

Alex said he is doing very well in all of his classes.

He finds all of his classes so interesting.

Friday, August 23, 2019

My Visit - Day Two - Brazilian Lunch - SF Ferry Ride

Song:  Ordinary World

Group:  Duran Duran

The second day was all ours.

We went to a Brazilian Steak House for lunch.

I had never been to one before.

It is unique in that they take skewers of a wide variety of meats to the table 
whereupon they slice it and you take what you want.

The spiced pork was Alex's and my favorite meat.

It was juicy and well spiced.

The sausages were also very good.

This was bacon wrapped chicken.

They had different types of steaks.

This was a lightly cooked pineapple with sugar and cinnamon.

We ate until we could eat no more.

I would have called the place...
T-Rex  :)

All you can eat meats...
a man's heaven.

We had parked just across the street.

The restaurant was just a ten minute drive from the condo.

When we went back...
my wife showed me the late in the year new ducklings just outside the condo door.

We rested for a bit...
and we then drove to the ferry to San Francisco.

Alex and his mother usually walk to the ferry...
I am lazy  :)

Alcatraz with the Golden Gate in the background.

After disembarking...
we sat down for a few minutes.

We then walked the short distance to the port mall.

I had never seen a whole shop dedicated to mushrooms.

We again sat outside for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day that it was in San Francisco.

I stopped at this shop to buy some gifts for my family back in Reno.

We then walked back to catch the ferry back home.

The tall building is beautiful at night.

We can see its beautiful blue rings of lights from across the bay at the condo.

I stayed on the upper observation deck for both trips.

There was a good stiff breeze the whole way.

I loved the cool fresh air on my face.

We neared our home port.

The parking lot is just to the right of these trees.

I loved our short trip to San Francisco by the ferry.

There was no traffic to contend with...
no parking fees or congestion.

The ferry ride is such a pleasure...
and our port is always uncrowded.

I relaxed for but a short time at the condo...
and I then departed for my trip back to Reno.

We had accomplished our goals for my trip...
and I got to enjoy some sights.

My son, Alex, is doing very well...
and he is greatly enjoying himself at the condo.

They are so fortunate to be able to enjoy some of the best of San Francisco
with but a short and pleasurable ferry ride...
and all without any hustle or bustle...
or even any real expense.

My younger sister was taking care of my mother while I was gone.

I had arrived in the middle of the night...
but, in the morning, I had given them their gifts...
and I then got Hana and Bandi...
took them to my room...
and we all slept well.

(I keep my room blacked out...
and at a constant 66 degrees F).


My wife has been busy researching graduate schools for Alex.

We must now plan for it since Alex will be graduating early.

He also must start getting into mathematical research...
as being published with some original research is very important.

I think Alex will love this aspect of math...
as he is naturally creative, as well as being highly logical.

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