Friday, May 29, 2020

I Completed A Major Life Goal

Song:  Notte Di Luce (Nights In White Satin)

Performing Artists:  Mario Frangoulis and Justin Hayward

My true name is James Toller.

I had been using the pseudonym Shiroi Tora on this blog
because my son was still a minor.

Alex, my son, is now in university.

I just published my first story...
a romantic saga presented as a trilogy:

The Kuma Trilogy

It is available in many countries around the world.

Just go to Amazon online and search for either:

James Toller


The Kuma Trilogy

It has almost 250,000 words and is 728 pages long.

I also have a separate blog for my newest developments:

James Toller

In this blog...
I will keep updated my latest literary works...
as well as publishing the many songs I had composed for my stories.

There will be a total of 8 songs I had composed for this story.

My future stories will also include musical pieces which are central to the story.

I am practicing them now.

Besides including the sheet music...
I will eventually record each one and place them on YouTube.

I will then include them on each song article.

I have three major creative passions in life:



Amateur Photography

(The above bookcover's picture
I had taken some years ago
while I was visiting Japan)

For those of whom are familiar with my blog writing...
you will recognize my thoughts on various subjects...
especially that of love and of living life.

This saga heavily emphasizes emotion as well as stimulates the mind.

It is chaste and highly recommended for young adults on up.

It is highly moral and deeply explores love...
and that of life.


The focus of this article is on the fruition of one's dreams.

I had planned out my life to eventually achieve my dreams.

All of which I had written in my blogs...
as well as in the story...
I live.

While we all differ in basic intelligence levels...
physical abilities...
 and socioeconimic strata...
what eventually separates and defines us...
is what lies in our heart.

A pure heart...
one that leads us to dream...
gives us our drive in life.

Of all attributes...
that of having a pure heart is the most important.

Once we have a dream to accomplish...
we then have a direction and path in life on which to tread
with boldness and great energy.

It is this dream which then forges deferred gratification
(the putting off now for much better later).

With a solid plan formulated to achieve your goals...
that is when all of life takes on its flavor...
and what allows us to achieve our dreams.

Achieveing our dreams is what allows us
to look back on life with gratefulness...
with earned pride...
and with even more conviction to achieve even more.

All of life is our story to write...
our song to compose.

Putting ourselves on a positive spiral in life
is what leads us to living life well.

Having lived our lives well
not only greatly colors our world...
it makes us fearless in the face of death.

I will leave you with this quote from one of the main characters
in the Kuma Trilogy:

"If ever there were one sacred mission in is to live life well.

For us to do so, we must face the truth of all of our eventual deaths.  
Only in our doing so, may we truly value life.

And so...we must become Spiritual Warriors.

To live with an open heart with the courage to love deeply...
is to expose ourselves to great loss.

And so...we must become Warriors of the Heart.

To have our thoughts and words outlive us to guide others...
is to become a Spiritual Guide.

In doing these three...we will have lived our lives well.

And so...we will have conquered death."
                                                               - Kuma  The Philosophy of the Tiger

Monday, May 25, 2020

Alex's A in Complex Analysis / Best Memory Back Up Solution - M Drive

Song:  Taishinkoku Ni Itaru

Original Song:  Kitaro

Version:  NHK Royal Symphonic Orchestra

Alex just finished his finals at UC Berkeley last week.

He got an A in Complex Analysis.

Because of the Corona Virus...
all the courses were listed as Pass / Fail by default.

However, it is especially important that Ales gets A's in all of his math courses...
so, he had to petition to get a letter grade for his Complex Analysis course
early on in the it is important for his graduate school application.

He also did excellent in his other courses.


As I have very important information on my computer...
I had to find a better solution for a more permanent and almost indestructable
method of data storage than what was available.

I just did some research and I found the most reliable and permanent storage available.

M Storage.

I bought a burner / player and two packs of the M-discs from Amazon
(about $200.00 in total).

It uses a higher power laser to create pits into the plastic itself (vs dye).

It is supposed to last hundreds to one thousand years 
(before the plastic itself naturally degrades).

It is resistant to any magnetic / electrical flux...which all solid state or other 
means of electrical storage is not.

It won't degrade nearly so easily...
or quickly, as will standard blue ray (dye) or other disc formats
(50 year life span).

I cannot afford to lose my stories, music, or photos.

This method of data storage is permanent, and cheap.

It is the best way we have...
and so, I got it.

I had been backing up to the cloud...
however, it is not nearly so permanent...
and in less than two years...
this solution will pay for itself...
as the cloud costs $10.00 a month.

Never again shall I lose my data...ever.

The next time I visit my family...
I will back up their data on their computers as well.

This type of storage is the best back up solution...
bar none.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Trip Down Memory Lane - See And Hear Alex

2016 Alex's first place local "Voice of Democracy" essay win.

Alex was a 10th grader at the time.

Alex had previously won second in the State of Nevada in another essay contest
when he was in middle school.

Alex was honored at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars lodge both times.

Alex at the end of his senior year in high school.

Alex was North Star's Honor Graduate...

The county conducted interviews with the Valedictorians of each high school
in the district.

The above was Alex's interview.

In the video...
Alex is with his math teacher (Mr. Devaney) at North Star.

I hadn't released this video to the public earlier...
because Alex was still young.

That was almost two years ago.

Alex is presently at UC Berkeley
studying advanced Mathematics as a Math Major.

Me on the left...
and Alex on the right.

The county had a night honoring all the honor graduates from all the schools
in the district.

Alex with his math teacher.

Alex took all of his math since after the eighth grade
at the University of Nevada, Reno

In the eighth grade...Alex tutored the 12th graders in Trigonometry
at Coral Academy of Science...
and, Alex had won the 2014 Nevada State Mathcounts Championship...
a highly competitive and prestigious Nation wide math competition.
Alex was not only the first in the history of the school to do so...
but the first ever from Northern Nevada.

Alex's math teacher at North Star had Alex run the high school math club...
and Alex also tutored math to the high school students.

Alex was not only North Star's Valedictorian...
he was the first in the school's history to have earned the gold tassel of a
National Merit Scholarship Finalist.
(That is why he is wearing two tassels)

Alex on stage giving his Valedictorian speech
to the graduating class.

Alex has since co-authored a two volume set on competition math...
and it was critically acclaimed.

(Available on Amazon)

I am sorry...
but I am just so proud of my son, Alex...
not just for his achievements...
but in what he had conquered in life...
and especially of how he remains to this day...
a pure hearted young man.

As I have told him many times before...
he is a far...far better man than I have ever been.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Alex's Complex Analysis Midterm / White Board / Pictures Of Home

Alex just got his midterm results for his Complex Analysis class.

He got a 98% on it.

He was very happy...
but, he also wants to find out where he missed the 2%.

My wife bought Alex a white board for him to work out some of his homework problems...
as well as for him to more easily teach math to his online tutoring students.

Alex in his room.

Alex also uses it for his Japanese studies.

Last month...
Alex visited a new Japanese restaurant near the UC Berkeley campus for lunch.

He loves it.

He got this sashimi bowl and matcha drink.

My wife loves watching the UC Berkeley falcon cam.

The resident male fended off an alien falcon as the resident couple have new hatchlings to protect.

My wife took various shots during her almost daily walks along the ocean walkway
over the past few weeks...
just outside of the condo complex.

On clear days, San Francisco is easily seen from the ocean walkway.

Often times...
the harbor water is almost mirror like.

Alex is busy everyday...
but he just loves his life.

My wife is also enjoying taking her daily walks...
and taking many photos.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wife's Evening And Night Walk / Alex And The BMT Go To Stanford University

Song:  My Ever Changing Moods

Group:  The Style Council

My wife took these the other day.  

She enjoys taking almost daily walks along the Ocean Walkway 
during the evening and into the night.

She will sometimes walk for 2-3 hours on nice days.

She says that she feels really good from her exercise...
and she really sleeps well because of it.

The ocean breeze is cool and fresh...
and the sights are beautiful.

She loves to take landscape and wildlife shots.


Just last weekend...
Alex and the UC Berkeley Math Tournament team went to 
Stanford University to act as graders during their math competition.

He had a great time there.

Alex is making friends among the math students and groups.

He is also tutoring another student on the East Coast 
for a coming high school math competition.

He is earning some pocket money with this.

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